Samsung Galaxy Book 4 Ultra Unboxing!

The latest flagship laptop from Samsung – the Galaxy Book4 Ultra! I do some testing including gaming, video editing, and more! Samsung Galaxy Book4 Series:
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  1. @marssian

    Manifesting a new pc and phone in my life next month 🤲🏻


  2. @imSterling

    Love that the screen corners are rounded 👍🏼

  3. @RaviVerma-lx5vk

    Sir please use Davinchi Resolve studio version because only studio version will use Media Engines for encoding and decoding.

    Your Free version will use cpu cores for encoding and decoding which will be very very slow and laggy.

  4. You said, "here is something we might start seeing more common on keyboards" what was that? SMH

  5. @user-cc9fc8nn2g

    Is it possible to use on the laptop screen with a spen that I will buy separately or alternatively with the pen of the S24 Ultra?

  6. @khalidwahab1982

    Great video Tim. Tell me, where can I get that wallpaper you are using on your phone?

  7. @andyH_England

    Over £3150 in the UK for the Ultra Core Ultra 9/1TB/32GB/4070, which is in the M3 MB Pro 16 M3 Max pricing. Makes the Ultra a tough buy. Also, it costs £400 to upgrade to 2TB, the same as Apple, and I bet no one complains about that despite the usual moans about this on Mac reviews.

  8. @sarwarali7353

    Be careful Tim, what happened to your left Thumb? Take care of yourself😇

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