Samsung Galaxy S23 Last Minute Leaks!

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We’re just a few weeks away from getting an official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S23, and I couldn’t be more excited! But if you’re like me and can’t wait, here’s what you can expect to see in Samsung’s next Unpacked keynote!

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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Trailer | Beige
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Unboxing Colors | Concept Trailer
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G Green | Concept Trailer
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra | Concept Trailer
Samsung Galaxy S23 | S23+ (Plus) – Concept Trailer
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – Unboxing | Beige & Bora Purple | Concept
Galaxy S23 Ultra: Introduction Film | Samsung – (Concept Trailer)
Introducing Emergency SOS via satellite | Apple

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  1. Untitledmixture

    S23 looks like A 32 daum. L for Samsung. Imma keep my note 10+. Perfectly working nice battery camera is also good.

  2. Vali

    S10: 12mp main camera
    S20, 21 and 22 ultra: 108mp main camera
    S23 ultra: 200mp main camera

    So in 4 years we jumped from 12 to 200mp. Holy moly!

  3. Samuel Paquet

    I don’t speak english very well… sorry. Could anybody confirm the video said there’s NO evolution with photo on the S23 and S23+ compared to S22 and S22+? Cause if it’s real, I’ll just buy a S22+ doing the same job (photo is the most important for me).

  4. Udi M

    when will we see an S phone without punch hole? S24 maybe?

  5. Battleboy7

    I think i will have to switch from my 13 pro to s23+. Got bored from ios

  6. Gusionn

    Still using my note 10+, not upgrading yet… Still working perfectly

  7. Q Graham

    That’s a long LAST MINUTE with a week and a half until the Samsung Launch Event

  8. MrPackers2012

    Still thin enough bezzles! What is the official date the s23 series becomes available for purchase? I'm going s23+ Upgrade from my s20+

  9. SuperJag1985

    The name/number jump makes sense. Matches the year of release. Not that random.

  10. Alex Gonzalez

    You forgot to mention one crucial spec and that is the battery!

  11. MR. NK

    Nothing but need to improve battery 🪫 life

  12. Json V

    Wonderful… more megapixels, larger files, same weak messaging platform to share it on… wonderful.

  13. Phar2Rekliss

    A true incremental update would make the screen 2160p finally with 240hz. And then actually 16gb of ram finally. That would be the upgrade we should be getting this year

  14. Anthony White

    When the s23 series launches I'll be hoping to get the s22+ for $500. I could care less about the latest and greatest, lol. Btw, at this point, you might as well wait until you have the phone in your hands before wasting time on reviews when the phone is set to launch in 12 days.

  15. ABZK7 _

    Most of these leaks were announced by others months ago

  16. 🎀Seott🎀

    Damn.. I wish the ultra skipped the curved edges 🥺
    For whatever reason my S22 Ultra seems to have sketchy responsiveness towards the start of the cruve..

    The cotton candy pink looks pretty thoo 🫣

  17. Art Of Verity

    Great, flat screen! Curved look cool but they crack more easily. And so annoying to touch something on the edge. And harder to feel the edge of the keyboard. (I have note 9, hate the curved edges)

  18. southseapirate1

    Curved is so much better. Cleaner looking bezel and way better for navigation gestures. Hate flat screen.

  19. HarryVlogs

    You never mentioned that It's a custom processor that's specifically made for Samsung being overclocked to hire core frequency and higher GPU frequency

  20. HarryVlogs

    Well Samsung camera quality still isn't better than pixel

  21. Damian Allen

    Thank God for flat screens, especially for the ultra and the s-pen.

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