Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – HANDS ON VIDEO

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has been revealed in hands on video that finally reveals its design and changes that are coming to the phone. Samsung will launch the Galaxy S23 Ultra in four color variants and all the color versions have been revealed. Samsung will launch the Galaxy S23 Ultra at the Unpacked event on the 1st of February.

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  1. Douglas Robert

    They took the burgundy color 😭 😩.
    Why? I want to see the colors they'll provide, because I am not to excited about these colors.
    If these are the colors I won't have choice, I will have to stick mistic lilac.

  2. Aryan Singh

    I am just hoping Bett battery backup and improved high resolution 10x sensor.

  3. Xexel Leah Paras

    From samsung note 1 to note 20 ultra
    3 days ago shifted to iphone 14promax
    The biggest regret 😭
    I should have waited for s23 ultra 😢😢😢😢

  4. Mariusz Pelc

    Sal, you saying that the cameras "look much better" in the S23 Ultra than in S22 Ultra reminds me what you and other reviewers were saying about the S-Pen reaction in S22 Ultra. It was also "much faster than in Note 20" (2.8ms vs ~9ms). Only I could not tell the difference, I mean the S_Pen reaction in the two handsets. Now the cameras… When I look at the ones in my S22 Ultra and compare them to the ones in S23 Ultra, then at the first glance I can hardly tell the difference 🙂 So for me it would be difficult to say that the look "different" and not even mention "better". Other than that – as always I love your reviews. Peace out 😉

  5. Ankit Prajapati

    I am a die hard fan of Note Series. Since Note 9, every year I eagerly wait for the BLUE color and every year I get disappointment. Anybody who is waiting for the BLUE color. 😥

  6. Sean

    Holding out for the z fold 5.

  7. Stedroy Hazel

    YAWN! improved camera blah blah…Samsung your users or bored with the same old design time to step your game up, and that don't mean moving around the lenses in the back.

  8. I think cream color is similar & it’s resemblance with IPHONE 11 white color we earlier saw a couple of years, White in products actually a off-white shade ( called cream ) as well ,

  9. Vali

    Oooh pink? Kinda want one just because of that.

  10. Marvin Lee

    I waiting for the new flagship smartphone from Samsung. But the color used in S23 is so ugly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I'm almost wondering if this is a knock off. Or someone's attempt to make it look like they have one just to get clicks. It doesn't look real. Especially the box.

  12. G-G

    Are we 100% sure this is the actual handsets and not a copy. If you look at the boxes, none of the handsets has a flash on the image and the stylus is in all black, and the black variants box is just black… Seems off, knowing samsung those fine details makes them who they are. Also, why leak the phone but dont show how the front looks….

  13. imahemmo

    I own s22 Ultra and the mystic purple caught my eye, is it worth it to trande in for S23 ultra?

  14. H8isbad

    Well I'm gonna just keep my 22 no need to upgrade to this 22.5 unless you have an older phone

  15. Carmelo C

    I feel like these are fake and you're being fooled

  16. PunisherBlaine

    I am looking for improved charging speed and my biggest wish is mitigation of overheating as much as possible.

  17. NO NAME

    Green colour is looking pretty much dope 🙃

  18. NO NAME

    S22 box was better than this ..and i guess the phone shown in video might be a dummy …or whatever it is god knows😂 btw excited for it

  19. Rayzer

    I cannot stand the camera modules on these new phones.

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