Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – It Looks BEAUTIFUL

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra official renders have been revealed which show the phone in beautiful color options. Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus has also been revealed which has flat sides and the colors of the phone match the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Samsung will launch the Galaxy S23 Ultra at the Unpacked event on February 1st.

Galaxy S23 renders are courtesy of Evan Blass and NieuweMobiel

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  1. KW Has A Message

    I'm looking to get the cotton color, especially if the camera lenses have gold around it, not sure if that's true.

  2. avja MASH

    As soon as you said you prefer a curved screen, i stopped watching. Simply because that shows you have a preference for form over function. Not only are curvwd screens annoying to use with the s-pen, you can't properly protect them with tempered glass screen guards, meaning you run a huge risk of expensive screen repair.

    No thanks.

  3. BriaCroTex

    Last time i watch your channel is when i was buying ultra 20 i was amazed u still rocking

  4. manuel lara

    Not you Samsung, don't turn into IPhone with same looking phones every year, or did you run out of ideas ?

  5. TAN_

    Was thinking to get S23 Ultra but replaced battery on my S10+ and think it's just still perfect! Maybe S24 upgrade… maybe.

  6. ameya sant

    Hi Sal, can you brief about Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity updates on S23 Series?

  7. MatEx4k

    I will stay with my s22 ultra until s24 Ultra is released with new beautiful design😁

  8. Jason Brooks

    Another annoyingly stupid curved screen. I guess I'm keeping my Note 20 ultra another year and hoping they ditch it next year. There is absolutely no benefit to the curved screen and an entire list of problems it causes.

  9. Eng` Ibrahim

    What the different between 22 – 23 it’s just number
    ( 1 ) 22+1=23 😂😂😂
    Poor company

  10. AbdelRahmane

    Is the s20 ultra's 4x 48MP camera considered better than the s22/23 ultra's 3x 10MP camera?

  11. Sean

    Them cameras look like the iPhone ones, the rings and stuff. It just reminds me of the cameras on the iphones. And nah tell samsung to make the ultra a flat screen, it's better.

  12. T K

    Sal, what do you anticipate trade in value will be on the IPhone 13 PM? In order to obtain the S23U.

  13. Apenas Bruno

    Esse aii é o s23 ou s22 ultra?? Não estou entendendo nd

  14. Daniel C

    I wish we could go back to flat screens

  15. Yah'Shaun Yahu

    Samsung went from making iPhone displays, to actually making an iPhone with the s23 / s23+ smh

  16. Jake Foxx

    I wouldn't mind this design being kept alive for the 24 ultra as well, I can't imagine how you can do better than this massive screen that still has the curved edges and a neatly laid out camera array on the back. Well I suppose the coral blue on the s7 making a comeback would be stupendous 😅

  17. Dragos

    Comparing it with the iPhone just addresses the ego of the Samsung fanboys. The “beat design” bit is a joke

  18. Igor Matisorovic

    Saki what you think for update from S22 Ultra to S23 Ultra,is it worth?

  19. GolazoFIFA

    Worth the upgrade coming from s10+? Or should i go for iphone 14 pro?


    This only thing bad thing about samsung flagship is gaming optimization…with sd gen2 games gonna run like sd 6 series

  21. Matt Quintana

    I'm going with the S22 Plus in black. I did the whole Ultra thing with the S21 and S22 Ultra. It's getting a little bit too big.

    I will miss the pen and 1440p display but I'll trade that for the smaller form factor (still big enough) and completely flat screen.

  22. LordofKings

    my god the s23 and the plus look so horrendous compared to the s22. absolutely ugly

  23. hienho15

    You not even a real tech you tubers. You just a Samsung salesman.

  24. amir javadi

    I do hear a bit of german in die accent 🙂
    Great updates and contents man.
    Grüßen aus Bayern

  25. “What’s UP guys… Sal here”. I’m going to spend some time hyping up a phone that looks like every other phone they’ve had, which isn’t very good and rip on apple at the same time. This guy doesn’t truly know what he’s talking about. He hopes of megapixels pixelbinged to 12 anyway.

    And this idiot likes curved screens. I hate curved screens.

  26. chit thu

    samsung never change design.. it look like power bank

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