Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Vs Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra | S23 Ultra Press Renders Leaked

Leaked Galaxy S23 Ultra images reveal design & Colors!

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  1. Dan Fox

    Excellent upgrade s23 ultra, definitely worth upgrading s22 ultra

  2. Rohit Kadam

    Thoda sa upgrade kiya hai
    Phir bhi aacha hai ……

  3. Cowboy Church

    I will keep my S22 ultra and wait for the S24 ultra. Theres not enough difference for me wanna buy it.

  4. SpocksDaughter

    Where is the info abt satellite connection option when offered commercially??? Hummmm

  5. Adarie Pennant

    Samsung + Xiaomi = should team up  and work together merge and make super ultimate phones partnership.🙏🤝🔥💥🥊✊💯👍

  6. Adarie Pennant

    oppo + Vivo = should just joint Force team up merge and make ultimate phones together partnership.🙏🤝💯🤝💯

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