Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra – WOW, Look At The Difference

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will be unveiled on February 1 but we already have camera samples of the handset in comparison with a competing flagship smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra will see the biggest upgrade in night mode photography and its performance as well.

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  1. zero9

    Hopefully the s23 ultra is not a brick like the past models. Its been way too massive and until they make it the 23+ size it will never sell like they want it to.

  2. Bubsy

    Saw a lot of edge noise on the lamp post and over sharping in those stars in the photos. Hope this isn't real.

  3. 4REAL

    As all of this S23 Ultra phone fakery rages on before the unveiling of the real phone and it's real design, I'm moving closer and closer towards deciding to hold on to my S22 Ultra and Note 20 Ultra.
    All of this shameless deception is nothing but more of America's sickening obsession with annoying, excessive commerical advertising.

  4. liquidmetal35

    I just want to take pictures of moving objects. Camera assistant isn't a solution

  5. Daniel Garcia

    I used to upgrade my phone every 2 years and now they're having me do it every year to keep up with these awesome upgrades. 😮‍💨

  6. Walter Paddick

    All tech channels should rename themselves to camera channels. It's all about cameras, zoom and counting pixels. And of course it must be daylight in deepest hell. The whole thing just bores me

  7. JaMeeR

    This guy made a 100 videos about s23 ultra lol

  8. steven nocella

    I can care less about the camera I just care about how fast the phone is going to be😆😅

  9. TheChristianLife

    If what you said is true that the camera is the same camera on the S22 ultra then with a software update you would be able to take the exact same photos. With that said Samsung will claim you need the snapdragon 8 gen 2. Otherwise people wouldn't upgrade.

  10. Samsung should bring a good sound ampf for pairing hi end iems and better ext sound speakers as well. As a samsung user for the last 15 years i find this 2 issues as problematic.

  11. Shane Horne

    I hope its better then the fold 4 camera that was shocking

  12. BadMan

    What's the point of watching launch event anymore

  13. Simon Bohan

    I wish they'd be able to make the sky black, when using night mode, instead of light grey.

  14. Gusionn

    Still staying with my note 10+, working perfect , even for games…

  15. 74LUC

    I'm not getting rid of my 22 ultra for this looks nice but I'll pass…

  16. W6

    Not even sure if I want to upgrade. My s22 ultra has just been a laggy mess since I got it man. Nothing about the phone is smooth even at 120hz. It's like the phone can't handle smooth animations and lagging everytime I switch applications

  17. SFbenjaminK

    Gonna wait for S24 Ultra next year👍
    Gonna kicking with my Note 20 Ultra for one more year👌

  18. Dhanu

    @TechTalkTv please tell me where to get those themes on your phone

  19. Justin Ilagan

    I'm amazed at how good the s23u is, but the leaks literally killed the hype and anticipation.

  20. Sean

    30x zoom and u used it on a street light? I use 30x zoom on my s21 plus to take pictures of the moon…. clear as day

  21. Sean

    Clickbait wym? Not like he has his Hands on the phone. This is dumb

  22. Kakarotto MUI

    Since the S23 Ultra has gone on sale, The S22 Ultra price will get lower,
    So finally i will be able to afford the cheaper S21 Ultra 😁🥲

  23. Adel Essa

    S23 ultra ……nothing new in reality….hope mi 13vultra refresh our hope in smart phone development

  24. Dominionian

    This, and most other mobile reviewers overly emphasize the cameras/ image quality of a phone while leaving out other aspects. There's more to a phone than the cameras.

  25. SD

    Shouldn't Samsung take action against that retailer 🤔

  26. Deep Joshi

    what about samsung slideable or rollable phone

  27. Crustyflakes

    Well i don't see anything new about this phone anyway

  28. 2:41
    Probably the only way I'm going to get the 12gb memory variety is if I pay for it to get shipped now… Sadly lol

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