Samsung Galaxy S24 – First Look!

Today we have the first look at the whole Galaxy S24 series and they all look incredible!
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The Samsung Galaxy S24 is the new flagship phone from Samsung and its incredible! With some upgrades to the design & hardware as well as many new AI features, the Samsung Galaxy S24 is sure to be a success. In todays video we cover the specs, design, launch & price of the Samsung Galaxy S24. We have the official trailer video and hands on unboxing review of the new Galaxy S24.

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This Post Has 29 Comments

  1. Joey Joey

    s24/s24 plus sounds like a flop. will consder other brands for the first time in years… dont understand why Samsung only makes 1 ultra phone which is way too big for me..

  2. Juuko Isaac

    Honestly, they look just like iPhones 😂. These guys want to steal iPhone users 😂

  3. Stephen Mark

    im still using the s21 ultra so it's about time for a upgrade

  4. ros b

    Galaxy 23 is too good to wait for Galaxy 24.


  6. Tips to talk

    I'll buy Samsung flagship device when they fix fast shutter speed and best video capability

  7. FamousCarGuy

    Your shirt is distracting 😂😂…at first,I thought it was "EF YU CEE KAY"

  8. Glamrock Foxy CZ

    I have the samsung galaxy s21 ultra 5g and I'm planning to upgrade to samsung galaxy s24 ultra

  9. Jaime Ruiz

    Are they gonna fix the overheating or will it have the same problem as the iPhone 15

  10. Sahid

    I can finally pit a face to that voice, 👍👌

  11. Jurat Amoz

    There is no 144 hz refresh rate in ultra? Also 5x was rumoured in place of 10x periscope camera.

  12. The Paw Lover

    Thank you for this video. Do you think the S23 Ultra case would fit the new S24 Ultra?

  13. Er1c _S1lv3r

    Samsung is such garbage, they can never think of anything original. All they do is copy Google's homework and ride Apple's wave.

  14. Lauren Middleton

    I wish the S24 Ultra would lose the book look. I like the S21 Ultra look.

  15. METHOD

    So basically an S23 with AI features then ??

  16. Robert Scott

    Hi great video any idea how much the ultra will be in the u.k? I’m seriously interested in the 24 ultra having had a iPhone for 10 years im bored of Apples lack of progress and innovation to leading the way of technology they aren’t even looking at foldables all their interested in is the new VR headsets.

  17. Dark Sage

    i was going to buy s23… should i wait for s24? im also confused between iphone 15 and s23.

  18. So no flat screen on the s24 Ultra? What about the rumor that we're going to have to pay monthly for the AI features? Those are both deal breakers in my book.

  19. Tim Windsor

    Awesome phone. Thanks for sharing. Keep the content coming. Hope you enjoy your day

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