Samsung Galaxy S24 review

The new Galaxy S24 introduces a refreshed, refined, even design, and fits an even larger display into the same footprint. Check out our video review to learn ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the phone’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality.

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00:00 – Intro
00:31 – Design and build
01:29 – Screen specs and features
02:26 – Stereo speakers test
02:44 – Under-display fingerprint reader
02:51 – Storage options
03:04 – Android 14 and UI
03:26 – Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and Exynos 2400 performance
04:19 – Battery endurance and charging test
04:48 – Camera specs
05:04 – Main camera: photo quality
06:08 – 3x telephoto camera: photo quality
06:49 – Ultrawide camera: photo quality
07:17 – Selfies
07:31 – Video quality
08:18 – Conclusion
08:59 – Selfie video quality


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  1. @amdboy5873

    As an S23 owner since preorder last year, I don't see any reason to upgrade to S24. Even if there was 8 gen 3 in eu, the changes are so small that it doesn't make sense. Trade-in program is not nearly as appealing as in other countries, I would have to pay 400 dollars for S24. And I really don't want exynos. Even 8 gen 3 seems a bit more power-hungry than 8 gen 2. The battery life of S23 is amazing.

  2. @3mar00ss6

    exynos should be thrown on the cheaper fe self deprecated scam devices or even the worse scam A series devices every device samsung made after the s10 is e-waste anyway (except for the a52s which is right on the threshold) it's so pathetic it's funny oh the irony (ಡ‿ಡ)

  3. @nintendowiids12

    No UWB support on the base model despite base iPhones having it is a huge letdown.

  4. @hibjc

    whats that color marble grey or yellow?

  5. @mahinkhan3721



    finally got rid of my zenfone 10 and s23, battery last me for the whole day

  7. @skyMcWeeds

    Exynos again, why samsung don't want to give most markets the SD8gen3

  8. @vegardfuru

    Hmm.. Pick up the Exynos S24 or wait for the Zenfone 11?

  9. when you compare the S23 vs S24 the only REAL difference is the AI, which 95% of the time you won't even use

  10. @dushyanthatti1

    I just upgraded from iphone 13 to s24. The camera is disappointing compared to iphone. Do software updates further improve camera quality?

  11. @ChadH2023

    I have the s23 and s24. If you have the s23, the s24 isn't worth the upgrade. The only reason i have the s24 is i had another phone to trade in. Here are the areas the s24 is better – brighter more efficient display, louder speakers, better battery life ( 30 minutes to an hour more sot on average ) I'm getting 7 hours sot on cellular data. Flat sides are more comfortable to hold imo. I haven't really tested out the cameras yet. S24 is worse – the display doesn't look as sharp despite ppi being almost the same. I'm seeing a slight purple hue on certain screens. It's hard to replicate the issue. They took the swipe from bottom gestures away 😭

  12. @arjames26

    The only thing S24 upgraded was software updates, AI things, and integration with Instagram and Snapchat (now you can use this phone just like an iPhone in socials).

  13. @Luwespribadi

    I'm from Indonesia, I always follow this channel, as a reference for updated information

  14. @GFourGadget

    The best "compact" smartphone in 2024 for sure, but there's barely any upgrade from the S23, which is another great option at a cheaper price!

  15. @tflyh

    The camera is not good, it is clearly behind the iPhone 15

  16. @leurbarz7879

    I hope samsung will make all flat screen in next s25 series next year.

  17. @Sgl_AGITATOR

    I hate samsung why they use AGAIN exynos chipset on international version instead sticking to snapdragon chipset 😔

  18. @zakirr739

    The only thing holding me back from Samsung is the battery charging speed.

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