Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Review | Two Months Later…

Reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra after some long-term personal testing, including camera improvements, AI shenanigans and gaming performance. There’s lots to love with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, from the battery life and Genshin Impact skills to that improved camera zoom. But is it the best 2024 smartphone vs Xiaomi 14 Ultra, Nubia Z60 Ultra etc?

This near 7-inch titan is certainly one of the biggest phones around, boasting a crisp QHD AMOLED screen and beefy stereo speakers. Gamers will enjoy the smooth performance on intensive titles like Genshin, while Samsung’s S Pen is once again stashed inside the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Upgrades vs the S23 Ultra and S24 Plus include that Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 brain (a definite boost in the UK), as well as the powerful camera setup. The Samsung S24 Ultra boasts an excellent zoom arrangement, especially when shooting portrait pics or video with family or pets. However, the Xiaomi 14 Ultra still beats this Galaxy smartphone for contrast shots and pro video tools.

If you’ve been using the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra as your full-time smartphone, let us know your own long term review down in the comments below!

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Review Chapters:
0:00 – Waffly bit at start
0:55 – Design
3:04 – OneUI 6.1 & features
5:04 – AI tools
6:21 – S Pen
6:56 – Bugs & quirks
8:14 – Display & audio
9:42 – Performance & gaming
10:56 – Battery life
11:45 – Cameras
16:47 – AI photo editing
18:05 – Verdict


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  1. @sydguitar99

    The price is Justified when you consider the long software support, helps with resale value as well

  2. @HV55VN

    Got my s24 ultra 512gb for £570 by selling promo watch and some pre order codes no trade in 😊 also got an OP12 on the way

  3. @umairsikander

    The effort you put in downloading genshin to every phone you review, im alone sold to that bruh. 💀

  4. @rickguzman9463

    Bought the S24u only a week ago. If I loved it any more I'd be using my colon as a phone case. P.S. Nova Launcher rules.

  5. @Harrie-ei5rc

    To critical, when you can't even make the power button 😂

  6. @matthewbush2371

    I got Me one plus N30 is way way way better than Samsung s24 s24+ and s24 ultra

  7. @Martin27Scott

    Jesus Christ I was so bored I had to watch my favourite mackem! Soz, as a geordie I love your content as always.

  8. @teemo5409

    "BIXBY "😅😂. Yeah I get it 💯❗ Cheers mate🫡

  9. I just got my S24 Ultra on Monday, and so far, I am absolutely loving it. Everything from the animations to the display is amazing.

  10. I lowkey regret trading in my red s23U. My s24U seems to overheat a lot. The AI and camera gimmicks are very very cool. But this phone over heats like crazy for me

  11. @craigturner8993

    It looks pretty epic this phone 4K screen & everything but way out of my budget.

  12. For those you considering this phone. As of right now, this is the best of the best. I recently switched from the IOS to the Samsung after being bored with the iPhone 15PM. Since Samsung were the main competitors, I decided to switch and no regrets so far. Display is beautiful, specially now with the vivid slider. Videos recorded on UHD 60FPS actually translate through to social media (most androids suck at this.) Love the iphone or hate it, this is one department android can't compete… unless you're using this phone.
    Battery life lasts me all day easily, and the camera goes toe to toe with my iPhone except it has more features.
    I see why people call Samsung the King of Androids. Also, 7 years of OS support? After buying this phone, I ended up buying the Galaxy watch and Buds 2 pro lmao.
    If you can afford it, and you're looking to switch from IOS… this is where it's at.

  13. @Mikhail0rvg

    A lot of complaints on screens of Samsung. My S24 Ultra was grainy and in lines, had to return it. Sound quality was a disappointment. Face recognition works in 80% of time. Ultrasound fingerprint sensor doesn't bring anything, but more issues with protective screens. As an owner of the first Samsung Note where motherboard burned and had to be replaced, quality control on Samsung is definitely an issue that will stay with them forever.

  14. After 10 years of using iphones switch to samsung s24 ultra and Im so proactive and discovering new features and abilities. Iphone was simple and nothing to choose from

  15. I have the s22+ ive always wanted the ultra version but always bailed out of getting one. Should i stick with the plus version, which would be exynos or bight the bullet and get the ultra.

  16. @ndragos87

    sold my 14 pro got the s24 ultra and sold it after 1 month and got the 15 pro max, android still has some work to do on the software department

  17. @Mato8559

    Will you test Galaxy Fit 3 in the future? I would like to know if it is worth fit to get a samsung smart band or to go for a samsung smart watch, but compromise on battery life

  18. @HolloVVpoint

    Amazing how accurately Chris articulated every issue I’ve had with the S24 ultra and Samsung phones in general! This is why he’s the GOAT 💪🏽


    As someone who only had iOs smartphones so far (all jailbroken ofcourse) and after seeing last years S23U i was sure that the S24U would be my favorite but unfortunately its not.

    Samsung simply hasnt changed much, they are trying to compensate the lack of improvements with the use of AI…

    Look at the OnePlus 12, Xiaomi 14 Ultra .. just to name a few, their cameras are way better. In the S24U we get the same shitty 200mp Samsung sensor, its shit and the pictures taken with it scream „mobile phone picture“ while the 1inch Sensor on the Xiaomi for example shoots much more pleasing pictures

    I wanted to buy the successor of the S23U because i thought it would be the best of the best but nope, its not.

  20. @13lucasryan13

    shocked about the keyboard bug… it never happened to me… maybe it's because I'm stuck on one ui 5.1 on the a51 loll

    Gone back to my Oppo X5 Pro.
    Performance, battery life and display are on par with the S24. Fingerprint sensor works better.
    And life's too short waiting for the bloody Samsung to charge!
    Never had a Samsung before and having now tried the S24 can honestly say I'll never have another one.

  22. @albin2232

    The Universal response to all phones:
    1. Craving, waiting and lusting.
    2. First date.
    3. Love at first sight.
    4. Boredom sets in.
    5. Eyes roves to other younger phones.
    6. Amicable separation.

  23. @CandyMan2001

    I've had my S24 since release and but recently just sent it back to Samsung under warranty, the display on mine looks like it has a bad Demin effect across the entirety of it.

  24. @peterh5147

    Sadly living in the United States the s24 ultra is about the best we can get easily

  25. I find the promise of long term software updates tempting but am likely to go for an A55.

  26. @MarcelaoVMS

    I am loving my S24U; however, it is very expensive. I am not 100% sure if it is worth it. I would probably wait to buy a cheaper, used one.

  27. @Rezzzn0r

    Lol I love your videos, constant laugh 😁 cheers bro!

  28. @tracybrovan3997

    I am loving my S24 Ultra!! It's leaps and bounds better than my NOTE 8!!!

  29. @BlueSky-iz7bj

    Getting rid of this device tomorrow. Inconsistent battery life and randomly overheating. Getting notifications on time is a lottery and the video playback on this is a stuttering mess! Especially on netflix. It's due to issues with the refresh rate jumping. Great phone but far too many issues for my liking. I'd think twice before buying.


    Still prefer my base s24. Love the ultra but its just to uncomfortable to use due to its size.

  31. @camotech1314

    The last ultra with rounded corners was the S21 Ultra. Not sure why they moved away from the more rounded design.

  32. Now, as I've gotten older with dating. Yes, I agree when you're going through the dating phase. Yeah, I'll pay, but that shit comes with caveats. If you are constantly on your phones, you can't hold a conversation. I'll gently let her know this date is going to end soon. I'll order appetizers, and if I feel like this girl is a potato. I will let her know don't order anything else. I'll pay for the app and dip.

  33. @spvvky

    Ordered this phone for myself and my partner we got them half off through Google Fi and while I'm not sure 1k is worth it 600+ certainly is I'm sure after watching this! Very excited and also never had a phone in my fav color, purple.

  34. @sarifadel791

    i'm just wondering the screen Anti reflective is worth compare to the S24+ ? anyone using S24+ and like missing out on this alot or not?

  35. @vangarus

    Hm, I thought you will show how much space the system is taking. Its between 60-80GB !! Only Android stuff😮

  36. @hienho15

    This phone is overrated. Stick with the S23 ultra if you have it.

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