Samsung Galaxy S9 – Nine Things To Know!

Before we get to the review in 2018, here are some final rumors of the Samsung S9 & S9 Plus. With Samsung’s new phone announcement right around the corner, some big leaks have surfaced about the new Galaxy Phones. We’re looking at some nice upgrades like the Snapdragon 845, better slow motion cameras, dual cameras, stereo speakers, a better finger print sensor location, 6 GB of ram and better facial recognition all while keeping the headphone jack.

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  1. Dave2D

    The Galaxy S9 and S9+ are packing some impressive hardware. Assuming $850/$950 launch prices, would you upgrade from your current phone?

  2. JesusCDev

    when a company actually listens to its customers T____T 😀 <333

  3. Saad Khan

    I have an iPhone 6s Plus and I might just switch to the Galaxy S10 in the future just for the headphone jack, because I really dont like where apple is going at this point…

  4. WolfyNeis

    Why does no one mention a big change. STERIO SPEAKERS instead of that piece of crap speaker on the bottom.

  5. Hiccup77

    Sorry Dave2D at 4 minutes you say about the software.  Android software is 99% shit.  Ever since 4.2.2 jelly bean it has been getting worse and worse. (although I do love the screen off feature when playing videos).  No more Samsung link, no more photo notes (take a pic and had the ability to turn it over and write a note on the back).  Videos don't play, JB played every format, after that lots of codec errors.  now you have to download what was a built in app WTH.  A curved screen does nothing imo, if anything it makes it harder to hold.  STILL full of bloat ware.  Memory wise ok they've increased it but the majority used to be takes up, so in fact out of 4gb you only had 1.8 to play with.  I think Samsung should stop employing ex crapple engineers.  Headphone jack great but can't use it when is in a dock, nor can you hear anything.  Wireless charging you say.  That's a crap idea right there.  bring back the GS3, JB. best galaxy released.

  6. vankov_yurk

    Pass,not gonna change my phone every year,that's just dumb

  7. abod91lax

    removing the headphone jack is the stupidest thing phone makers are doing ,i am never ever ever buy a phone without one period

  8. sample sample

    what is that wallpaper in the phone, my god been looking for it so such a long time!

  9. chaos control

    As I got older I realized I didn't need the latest and greatest day one anymore. So I have a s7 edge and when s9 comes out I will upgrade to the s8 plus.

  10. L

    Cam on ban nao vietsub nha^^
    Minh rat thich nhung vid cua a nay😁😁😁😁

  11. Alex 3203

    A few of my friends aren't getting the newer iPhone JUST because there is no headphone jack. So yes, it is a huge deal to some people.

  12. Mustafa Hussein

    I've tried the Sony Xperia z2 and in my opinion it has the best skin on Android out of the rest!

  13. Moon Cake

    Yes, I also agree having a headphone jack is super valuable in day to day travels.

    Though i got offer a New iPhone lane up as a family gift. I kindly decline it, due to the fact I travel to locations listening to music with earphone's other then wireless ones. If I ever need to update my personal smart-phone. Having a Headphone Jack is number one feature I won't pay to give up. (my opinion)

  14. C K

    OMG!!! You got to 1 Mil subs! Congrats!! … Also just realised I wasn't subbed (SHAME on me) but I am now. Love your vids. 🙂

  15. Fadi E.B.

    Now the s9 and s9+ came out and everything you talked about in this Video is right … Omg this Video is from december 2017 3 month old

  16. 许·垚

    buying this because of the headphone jack…

  17. Ugwoke Kevin

    Dava Lee 2d i love your watch so much 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘kiss

  18. ebin belji

    It can be faked to some extent easily but I'm not mentioning it here because people might use it to fake it if they don't already know and you don't read comments anyways.

  19. Rakesh Kumar

    can i get the link to wallpaper in the monitor behind D2D

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