Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic – FIRST LOOK

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic has been revealed and the first look confirms that Samsung is indeed bringing back the rotating bezel with the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic smartwatch. Samsung will also launch the regular Galaxy Watch 6 at the Unpacked event which will take place on July 26th.

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  1. August

    can you trade your old galaxy watch in for the 6 as soon as its released?

  2. Raj Pawar

    But is it going to come in single black color or they have silver Stainless Steel variant?

  3. semperer

    They need to make it Smooth and fast like Apple watch I wen tform apple to S23U love everything about it… But The watch 5 pro.. Apple watch even 5 series stainless steel I had are still better

  4. Drew Who

    That design is very cheap looking.
    My Watch 3 in stainless steel is the best looking smartwatch they have made so far.
    The only think thta will get me to upgrade is a better screen, design, and battery all in one.
    Not some itterative upgrade that look sthe same as the past 2 generations

  5. U Me

    Oops….looks like I'm gonna have to pre-order the 6😢.

  6. cloudyview

    Watch 6 pro classic – that's the watch I want 🤣

  7. Jerry

    What a boring-looking watch. THIS is all they could come up with? A rehashed dated design from 3-4 years ago??😂

  8. Me still using a s3 Frontier and still waiting for any Samsung Frontier version on these newer watches…

  9. Scvrlet Fox

    Finally, I sell these and everyone complained when the bezel didn't move. Many didn't even upgrade because of it. 😂

  10. Hamma

    terrible! why the classic rotating bezel??? if samsung doesnt come out a ultra version, i dont think ppl will upgrade imo

  11. TheAlaris

    Well it's a watch, not a smartphone, so it would be good if it stays looking like a watch with all its unique features

  12. Rashnu

    Looks like it's time to trade in my watch 5 pro for a 6! Didn't realize how much a difference rotating bezels made until I went from a watch 3 to a 5…

  13. Carlos Lara

    Sal whenever you get some inside leak of the Google Pixel Watch 2 please make a video about it

  14. Ron Clark

    I still like the look of my Gear S3 Frontier. Still getting "Almost", 3 days of battery life in power mode.

  15. Deepak Gupta

    I so happy rotating bezal come back soon Samsung galaxy watch 6 classic ❤❤❤

  16. JR Bees

    Thanks @TechTalkTV!
    Sal, do you think that #Samsung will offer two sizes for the Watch 6's with a bezel? I need a smaller watch.

  17. sebbydoh

    I was looking forward to another pro with a flat display 😢 rotating bezel is kind of a gimmick

  18. Toxic

    Bruh i just got the 5 pro

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