Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 – YES! About Time

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch 7 Classic as well as the Galaxy Watch 7 Pro will finally bring a much-awaited upgrade that would enhance the user experience. Samsung has been upping its game with each new Galaxy Watch release, and this time, they’re going big. Instead of the usual 16GB, the Galaxy Watch 7 is packing a whopping 32GB of storage. Samsung will launch the Galaxy Watch 7 in July at the Unpacked Event.


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  1. @aexetan2769

    Bigger battery > Bigger storage

    Minimum of 5 days, then we can talk.

  2. @viazel2796

    Why does my Apple Watch Ultra 2 have 64g… not a question! And I have both…

  3. @notdanyali

    is the samsung watch 4 still good if i just want to use it for basic stuff?

  4. @zainax4099

    Apple Watch ultra 64gb I’m not bias…c’mon

  5. @rajpawar9343

    SM-L usually Samsung gives SM-R codenames to watches. But SM-L is new.

  6. They still need to get blood pressure monitoring approved!!! Its been YEARS waiting.

  7. @harryvlogs7833

    More storage is stupid as I can't even listen to tidal music on my watch 6

  8. @kpoplovingasian

    Please don't change it from circle to square. It looks much better circle

  9. @potjezout1473

    I cant get in my watch 6 anymore because i don't know the pincode. Is this going to be the same problem when i buy my watch 7?

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