Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 vs Fold 5: Exploring the Latest Features

– The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 is here. I’ve had some early hands-on time with it. Let’s compare it to last year’s Z Fold 5 and see what’s new and if you should upgrade. Also stay tuned for a full rundown of all of the new AI features. Now starting off with the Fold 6 is now shorter but wider and it has more squared-off corners. Now this makes it more compact overall. It’s thinner and it’s also around 14 grams lighter compared to the Fold 5, bringing its weight to around 239 grams. So if you compare this to say, the Samsung Galaxy S 24 Ultra, which is around 232 grams, it’s only a little bit more. The Fold 6 now has an IP48 water and dust resistant rating. The Fold 5 had an IPX8 water resistant rating, so there was no dust resistance. What does the four in IP48 mean? Well, it covers objects that are larger than one millimeter. So although it’s not going to be completely dust resistant, it is more dust resistant compared to the Fold 5. The Fold 5 came in three colors. The Icy Blue, the Phantom Black, and the Cream. There were two exclusive colors available from, but you might struggle to get those now. The Fold 6 also comes in three colors. There’s a Silver Shadow, a Pink as well as a Navy. There are two exclusive colors available from, Crafted Black and a White. Now if you’re interested in picking one of those up, then you can check out my exclusive affiliate link down in the description below. For a limited time you can get double the storage and $100 in Samsung credit. Now the build materials also have had a slight upgrade. We don’t have titanium on the Fold 6, but we do have enhanced Armor Aluminum for the frame and the hinge. So this is around 10% stronger compared to the standard Armor Aluminum that we had in the Fold 5. And although we still have Gorilla Glass Victus 2 for the front and back, we now do have a new folding thin glass and this has a protective layer on the display which improves shock absorption. Now my impressions in terms of the size, I mean, I do prefer the wider aspect ratio. When the display is folded out, we still have 7.6 inches, but the aspect ratio is more square. It’s around 20.9 by 18 compared to the 21.6 by 18 that we had last year. But more importantly, the cover display is now 6.3 inches and it has a 22.1 by 9 aspect ratio, which is close to the 21 by 9, which you may have seen on devices like the Xperia. Now, although the one millimeter wide dimensions might not seem like much because of that new aspect ratio, the front cover screen does seem more usable. I mean it’s still not as wide and usable as, say, something like the OnePlus Open or the on Honor Magic V2, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction. In my brief test sync, the cover display did seem to be a lot more usable compared to what we had on the Fold 5, especially compared to something like the Fold 3. And we still have 120 hertz as an adaptive refresh rate, both of the cover and the main display. However, the Fold 6 now does have brighter displays. We’ve got up to 2,600 nits peak brightness, compared to the 1,750 nits on the Fold 5. So Samsung haven’t gone for a drastic redesign. They say this is due to consumer feedback, but I am glad that things are a little bit wider. Now for the cameras, things do remain relatively the same. So for the front camera we have a 10 megapixel selfie punch out on the cover screen. And then we have a four megapixel on the display camera, which still isn’t the best in quality. And although this is intended for just quick conference calls and things like that, I would have liked to have seen an improvement. And for the rear-facing cameras, we have a 12 megapixel ultra wide camera, a 50 megapixel primary camera and a 10 megapixel telephoto camera, which is going to give you 3X optical zoom. The ultra-wide camera on the Fold 6 has been updated and although the hardware is relatively the same, we do have a new image signal processor with the new chip set. So this should improve images and video on the Fold 6 compared to the Fold 5, however, this isn’t going to be a significant jump. Speaking of the processor, the Fold 6 is powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy. The Fold 5 had the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, so that means the Fold 6 is going to have around 41% faster NPU performance, around 25% faster GPU performance, and around 14% faster CPU performance. It’s also got a 1.6 times larger vapor chamber, which should help with sustained gaming. And the new chip set should also increase efficiency by around 10%. And that is quite important because we still have the same battery size on both devices, 4,400 milliamps. Now Samsung say that should give you around two more hours of video playback on the Fold 6 compared to the Fold 5. But there are other foldable devices out there that have 5,000 milliamp hour batteries or more. So personally I would’ve liked to have seen a larger battery on the Fold 6. Charging remains the same. We’ve got 25 watts of wired charging. This is going to give you around a 50% charge in 30 minutes, the charger is not included. And we have 15 watts of fast wireless charging with Wireless Powershare at 4.5 watts where you’re going to be able to charge other devices on the back of the Fold 5 and the Fold 6. Once again, there are other foldable devices out there that do have faster charging, both wired and wireless. So this is something that I would’ve liked to have seen an improvement on with the Fold 6. Now one thing that the Fold 5 and the Fold 6 do have, which other foldables don’t, is support for the S Pen. This is still on the main display only, but we do now have a slimmer case on the Fold 6 compared to the Fold 5. So although we still don’t have an embedded S Pen, which I personally would’ve liked, it’s nice that we do have a more compact case. And depending on the deal that you go for, this may come free. Once again, I’m going to leave my affiliate link with all the offers down in the description below. One piece of good news is that if you have an S Pen from the Fold 5, it will still work on the Fold 6. But if it is an S Pen and case, then of course that’s not going to fit the Fold 6. Right, now the most interesting bit, and this is where I think we’ve got the most upgrades on the Fold 6 compared to the Fold 5, and that is around software. So the Fold 6 does come with Android 14 out of the box with One UI 6.1.1, and Samsung has promised seven generations of OS updates and seven years of security updates. The Fold 5 came with Android 13 out of the box, but it is upgradable now to Android 14 with One UI 6.1. And Samsung had promised four generations of OS updates. And I’ve just had a look on Samsung’s website and it does say that security update period will be valid until 31st of August, 2028, which means that gives it around five years. Now one thing to keep in mind is that the Fold 5 has been out for a year, which means the software update period will also go down by a year. And the Fold 6 is going to be supported for around three years more than the Fold 5, unless Samsung decides to change anything. But regardless, it’s still going to be more on the Fold 6 compared to the Fold 5. And the Z Fold 6 comes with a whole range of Galaxy AI features. These are second generation AI features. We saw the first generation introduced on the S 24 series. I’m going to run through as many as I can. The first one is Call Assist. This is real time translation during voice calls, but now we have new AI noise suppression and it also will work with third party apps such as WhatsApp. Chat Assist will help rewrite emails and messages by changing the tone. We’ve got Interpreter, which is the live translation of spoken conversations, and it’s available in both voice and text. Now what’s interesting about Interpreter is that now we have a new conversation mode. So when you do have the Fold 6 in Flex mode, you can use both the cover and the inside screen. So on the main screen, you can also see text of what the person opposite you is saying, and that person will be able to see on the cover screen what you’re saying in their language. We’ve got Note Assist which will also format, summarize, spell check, and translate notes. There’s Transcript Assist, which is now also within Notes. This is going to transform a recording into transcripts and summarize them for you. Browsing Assist summarizes webpages for you. Photo Assist still has all of the features that we had on the S 24. So you can remove people on objects, you can rotate an image and fill in the gaps. But we now have some new features within Photo Assist, which are very cool. So you can firstly transform portraits into different styles. You can see some examples here. It did kind of turn me a little bit white though. But anyway, still some pretty cool results that you can get. But I think, for me, the more interesting feature was Sketch to Image. So what you can do is you can doodle on top of an image and then it’s going to turn that into a photorealistic result. So in this example you can see that I’ve drawn a magician’s hat on me, and although some of the generations weren’t that great, some actually looked very, very real. And this is something that I was super impressed with. There’s Drawing Assist, which is quite fun. This can transform simple drawings into art with lots of different styles. This reminds me a little bit of Co-Creator, which we’ve got on Copilot Plus PC on Windows. And one thing that I didn’t actually get a chance to capture is Circle to Sum. So you can just write out some equations and then if you circle them, it’s going to work those out for you. Reminds me a little of iPad OS, which we saw announced at WWTC. So lots of AI features, some which I do think are pretty cool and different. However, the question I’m sure a lot of you guys are going to be asking is, "Are these coming to the Fold 5? Well, currently with the latest update of the Fold 5, we do have some of the features that were introduced on the S 24. So we’ve got live translate during calls. There’s the Samsung keyboard, Interpreter, Samsung Notes, Transcript Assist in the voice recorder, Browsing Assist, and the photo editor that we saw on the S 24 series where you can take people out the background and you can generate the gaps when you rotate an image. So a decent range of AI features that have already come to the Fold 5. What about some of the more exciting generative image features that we’ve got on the Fold 6? Will they be coming to the Fold 5? Well, I’ve not really had a solid answer from Samsung as yet. We’re going to have to wait and see. Some of these may be coming to the Fold 5 a little bit later. Now, one thing that I’m sure a lot of you guys will be wondering is how long will these features be free for? Well, I did ask this to James Kitto, Vice President, Head of UK and Ireland Mobile Division Samsung on my podcast. And here’s what he had to say. During the presentation, there was a bit of small print saying that they will remain free until the end of 2025. The question everybody’s asking is what is going to happen after that? – So no plans announced at the moment. I think we made that statement really clearly to say, look, we are giving consumers access to a Galaxy AI solution that is free and will be free until the end of 2025. You know, no, as I said, there are no plans, but of course if there are further plans we’ll update in the future. The AI world is changing at pace. The kind of solutions that are being brought to consumers and your listeners, and you know, our customers, Powered by AI continues to really move at a pace. So what we don’t want to do is exclude that, in the future, there might be solutions that people want to get access to and they may be chargeable, but right now we’ve made a very clear statement that it is completely free to use up until that date. And that doesn’t mean we’re going to start charging immediately thereafter and more news to follow in the coming months or next year probably. – So nothing solid as yet. If you want to see that full podcast episode, then that will be linked down in the description below. Yes, I do have a podcast channel, which you might not know about. Finally, pricing. Well, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 will be starting at a higher price compared to what the Z Fold 5 started at. So around 50 pounds more in the UK or around $100 more in the US. 1,800 pounds in the UK, around $1,900 in the US. So quite a high price. We’re looking at almost 2,000 pounds or $2,000, and the price is higher compared to what we have with a lot of the competition. Now granted, the competition doesn’t have all of the AI features that we have on the Fold 6, but still, it’s pretty high. Is it worth it? Well, I have said before that some of the competitors like the OnePlus Open and the Honor Magic V2 do have better hardware in my opinion, compared to the Fold 6. But I think the advantage that the Fold 6 has is Samsung’s experience with foldable software, which they’ve been working with for quite some time. And I’m personally interested to try this out and compare it to some of the others. If you want to see some of that coverage, then do consider subscribing and hitting that bell icon. To answer the question, should you upgrade from the Fold 5 to the Fold 6? Well, not necessarily. The Fold 5 does have some of these AI features and it’s still a solid, solid device. However, Samsung are currently offering up to $1,200 trade-in credit for the Fold 5, and along with the storage upgrade and $100 Samsung credit using my affiliate link down in the description, it might just be worth upgrading. That’s what I think anyway. What do you guys think? Drop me a comment below. Let me know your thoughts. If you want to see the new Samsung Galaxy Ring, then I have covered that in this video here. That full podcast with James Kitto will be linked here. I hope you enjoyed this video and found it useful. If you did, then do smash that like button for me. Thanks for watching. This is Saf from SuperSaf TV. I’ll see you next time.

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  1. @gamebegins2308

    Please make a video of older foldable phones with current software updates, so we can know if these claims made by companies for 3-5 years of software upgrades are valid. Mostly, there are new bugs with software upgrades once the warranty for the new generation of phones is in the market.

  2. @kavinab6629

    I have the 5… as I can upgrade anytime I think I will but I'm not sure. I really like the boxy design it makes the phone look more like a finished product. But it is meh. Usually I'd be eager to upgrade but this year not really bothered

  3. @zaoe7936

    I just got the zfold5 lol. gives me an excuse to wait another 2-4 years, hopefully they improve by then with cameras + pen holder.

  4. @JimDeSoul

    and don't forget, that your inner screen is just a joke and it will almost certainly break and samsung won't repair it for no less than 500$

  5. @chaotictattoo

    For people complaining about the phones not changing much… just don’t buy a new one and keep using your phone you have now then. It’s really that simple

  6. @lukecmb608

    Another year staying with the ultra series, if your not going to change anything atleast fix the crease…

  7. @edwardtran1974

    Fold 6 still too narrow when closed. I'll stick to Honor V2 Magic

  8. @matthewkind5924

    Here in Malta, the fold z6 256 GB is 2,339 euro ! 😂
    I think they forget that Honor or Vivo have foldables for 1300-1600e

  9. @JOHNNYK202

    No new camera, especially the zoom, no built-in s pen, no larger battery and no faster charging. Very poor effort from Samsung.

  10. @lochikitjustin

    This is actually fold 5s, slight improvements , not worth upgrading

  11. @Lse380

    Def keeping my fold 5 or switching to magic v3

  12. @rhoderzau

    Would you make more use of the front screen now? I found myself avoiding it all of the time on the Z Fold 5 and always unfolding it.

  13. @ronbrooks6547

    Circle to search is on my Z Fold 5. So all the A.I. will be on the 5.


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  15. Is the same discount available in the UK? All I can see is a discount of 550£ if trade in fold 5
    Tried to open your link to see if it works for uk customers but was unable to open your link.

  16. @Emrahsuna

    I was expecting a wider front screen..
    Bigger battery
    Built in s pen
    Super Fast Charging
    Better camera

  17. @ZaYeD420

    I wish Samsung could use display like this on It's tablet but they never do it, even if they make the display as dark or black as like s23/4 series and i can't imagine using samsung note or 1 note in extremely black amoled still it doesn’t bloom but it shows some lite pinkish reddish vibes while the screen is turned on

  18. @FoodKart

    VOTE: We Need Wider outer screen to consider buying it.

    👍 / 👇

  19. @appearoffline

    ♻️ Very disappointing "upgrade." I can't believe Samsung didn't even bother to make the S Pen work on the front screen, at the very least.

  20. I am tired of people bitching about the spen not being in the phone, about the camera mpx…
    1- I dont think you understand the true nature of the fold series and its main target audience

    2- mpx mean shit..its the processor that does most of the work. You can get great pictures with 12 and 50mpx.

    If you look at the evolution of the fold, one key thing they are trying to do is reduce weight and thickness without trading off durability of the hinge. Adding all the shit people want now would be counter productive and most likely cause note7 like issues.
    You want great camera, a spen built in…shut it and get the S Ultra and move on. This phone is made for business management multitasking people….not 30 ish geeks in moma basement or wtv..
    Let samsung work around the design, material and os before adsing shit people will barely use….im sure 95% of S24Ultra barely use 200mpx or the spen…our society just stays on insta, tik tok and yt on our phones…5 to 10% actually use more than basic fonctions

  21. @aaronlarsen8412

    They didnt upgrade the camera from the fold 4 to 5 and now still the same on the 6

  22. @Johnvalkyre

    Samsung is good but with lot of reports of many users facing green & pink line issues on multiple models I'll avoid samsung for a few years.

  23. @mordmartin

    Finally, the Z Fold 6 is released so that the Z Fold 5 will be cheaper so that the Z Fold 4 will be heavily discounted, and I can finally afford the Z Fold 3

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  25. @rizwaaaaan

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  27. @johnmcvey9863

    Still have 2 years to pay off my fold 4, waiting on this, maybe wait til fold 8

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