Samsung | Google – This Is AWESOME

Samsung and Google are dependent on each other. Samsung is the face of Android and Google is the creator and owner of …


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  1. Jared Nelson

    Maybe this friendship will allow me to launch Google assistant with the side key on my Samsung device. 😂

  2. Shadow Warrior

    We don't need Gooogle in Everthing, Samsung needs to ditch Gooogle!!!!!!!!!!!! Sal get paid by Gooogle


    Despite of both is tech giant and competitors too but still agreed on you help me I help you,that's how world works.

  4. Canada tv

    Samsung sold most exynos phones in india and Indian are shifting towards apple that is why they r improving their phones in India

  5. Jp T

    Snap dragon is the Best!!

  6. Mattchu

    youd think one of the biggest phone manufacturers would know curved edge displays are trash. s22u shouldve never been gimped with that cancer

  7. Zen

    why are you hyping up so much s23 ultra and the next snapdragon ? Its going to be nothing special,lets be realistic.

  8. Rr Rr

    Hey, Overclocked chipset doesn't mean better chipset!
    It'll have lot less battery efficiency!
    Android flagships already have high performance, what they should focus on is Battery life

  9. Robert Jones

    I like to imagine a future where samsung updates it's messaging or releases another messaging app for androids that work perfectly with Google

  10. Prakhar

    so not even samsung ecosystem is safe from googles intrusiveness :///

  11. Bat_Daddy

    As much as I dislike the exynos chip, but if there's another competition coming from Samsung, Qualcomm and Mediatek won't keep pricing their chipsore and more expensive over the years

  12. DNB Catalina

    Ultimately both companies phones will be very similar.

  13. Please tell me which phone has all these features:
    1. Punch hole (or notch-less), side finger print
    2. 3.5 mm jack
    3. Dedicated memory slot (or 1 TB internal storage)
    4. Amoled 120hz with HDR10 flat display
    5. 4k 30 fps, 1080p 60 fps video recording with EIS/OIS
    6. Atleast 5000 mah with 33w fast charging
    7. WiFi dIrect, USB OTG
    8. Any 6nm CPU with 90% CPU stress score.
    9. Android 11+
    10. Double tap to wake/lock

    Government should BAN any new phones without 3.5mm jack and a Dedicated memory slot. Let corporate know the pain of customers.
    Those who buy phones without dedicated memory slot and without 3.5mm jack , are stupid morons, slaves of corporate tyrants. Why pay high for less features? Absolute nonsense. Stop buying phones with these missing basic features, and tyrants will bow down.

  14. Who cares? We desperately need phones with 1 TB storage or sd card slot and 3.5 mm audio jack.
    Phones are able to record 8k and 4k but what's the point of low storage and no card slot? phone manufacturers are deliberately making us angry.

  15. Subhan Akhtar

    Wasn't Samsung supposed to be making custom cpu cores for its soc in 2025. I dont think putting 2 x3 cores and 4 high performance cores in one chip will be a great idea. You will have highest multicore performance but for a lot more power. And that can be terrible if the chip is made by samsung foundry. Also I dont think they will have great single core performance. Now compare that to Qualcomm who are making both high performance and efficiency cores based on nuvia's design. That core already had 2200 score in geekbench years back and would have had a second or third iteration by the time Samsung releases its chipset.

  16. tech pill

    Google using tesnor is modified Exynos so when it's mastered it hugely benifit even samsung chip.

  17. Vic K

    Your thumbnails don't even make sense anymore saying this is great and that's awesome these are regular news

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