Samsung QN900D QLED 8K TV First Look | It’s 8K Anyway

The Samsung QN900D 8K Neo QLED TV is proof that Samsung has no intention of taking its foot off the gas when it comes to 8K TVs. As one of the last TV brands still making 8K TVs, Sasmsung all but has the category cinched up. Still, we were curious to see how Samsung’s flagship 8K TV stacks up to its own flagship 4K TVs as well as the best of the best from competing brands. We’ve got some details on the Samsung Q900D’s peak brightness, out-of-box color performance, and upscaling improvements right here!

Oh, and as a bonus: Samsung is tossing in a free 65-inch TV to anyone who pre-orders the QN900D within the first three weeks of its coming out, links below.

🛒 Samsung QN900D Neo 8K:
🛒 Samsung S95D OLED:
🛒 Samsung QN90D Neo 4K:
🛒 Samsung The Frame TV:
🛒 Samsung Music Frame:
🛒 Free 65-inch TV Pre-Order Deal:

Samsung QN900D 8K TV first look:
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Samsung TVs at CES 2024:

00:00 Intro
02:55 What’s new
05:24 How it looks



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  1. @ale11_

    I work for a retail store that has these tvs and safe to say with all the knowledge provided to me through the retailer, i still use some of Caleb’s key positive takeaways as selling points. Great Videos !

  2. @Upracefan

    8k should just go away. Waste of money and resources.

  3. @dperr338

    I personally think 8K is a waste of money. Yeah, it sounds great but it’s just not practical. 4K is the better more economical option. We won’t have real 8K on a disc or streaming service for quite some time considering most services don’t offer bitrates higher than 25 mgbs when 4K Blu-ray is like 80. 8k is probably at least double that. Streaming services are more concerned about quantity over quality. That’s why they don’t offer bitrates over 25 because they want their 4K service in more homes because they make more money on it. It’s not that they can’t do better, they can but they won’t. Not much of a market or people with fast enough internet to achieve it. Conclusion: 8K is nothing more than empty promises.

  4. @tails21c

    Technolgy is good but even 4k is not standard in many countries.

  5. Looks like the TV Samsung is giving away for free with the pre-order of a tv in Samsung's 2024 lineup is the TU690 65in. not bad and Amazon is even giving $100 2024 tvs. Not bad at all.

  6. @bradley7506

    I do wish these companies would sink more money into 4K perfection, including HDR brightness…the 4K tvs still aren’t perfect…

  7. @Barbarapape

    I fail to understand why they even make panels that are 8K when there is no content available other than
    demo samples.
    The one big limitation of these TV's regardless of the type is that they are only at their best at the native resolution.
    i have seen many 4K sets that realy struggle with anything less than 4K, hopefully Samsung have made a TV that has
    a watchable picture with SD and HD content.
    For now i am still waiting to see what Sony has to offer.

  8. @johnb4905

    Nothing is more nauseating in the TV universe than reviewers pumping up Samsung LCD televisions for clicks. Especially their 8K televisions.

  9. The way AI upscaling tech is going I wouldn’t be surprised if 8k blows up rapidly in the next few years

  10. I'm planning on replacing my main TV, the QN95B 85 inch with either this 85' QN900D OR THE 83' LG G4. Would really love a comparison of these 2 in the near future. Seems like there are so many great things about each.

  11. @samarycastro

    I feel like Samsung is being smart with continuing making 8K TV’s. Yeah, we aren’t getting much 8K content. Once the time comes for plenty of content Samsung will have mastered their tvs. Also there’s always a niche group of consumers who purchase the best of the best no matter what.

  12. Finally, a Samsung TV that I would purchase at a 65" size. Bring on the 8k for the full review.

  13. Make sure you don't buy 8k tv's! It's bad enough having the tv to artificially upscale to 4k, so 8k will look twice as bad. Most content we watch is only 1080p full hd

  14. @glennevins5180

    Your eyes can't decipher 8k so anything over 4k is a total waist of money, look it up, the only way you can tell is if u sit super close to the tv

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