Samsung QN90D QLED TV First Look | How Samsung Set the Bar

The Samsung QN90D 4K Neo QLED TV faces some stiff competition this year, but we have a feeling Samsung knew that when designing it. While the QN90D carries over much of the picture quality performance from its predecessor, the Samsung QN90C, there is a long list of new features to consider. In this first-look video, we talk about what Samsung brought to this model, consider some key measurements, and get some first impressions on picture quality. Still, as we dig in, we discover new questions to answer in our forthcoming review.

Oh, and as a bonus: Samsung is tossing in a free 65-inch TV to anyone who pre-orders the QN90D within the first three weeks of its coming out, links below.

🛒 Samsung QN90D Neo 4K:
🛒 Samsung QN900D Neo 8K:
🛒 Samsung S95D OLED:
🛒 Samsung The Frame TV:
🛒 Samsung Music Frame:
🛒 Free 65-inch TV Pre-Order Deal:

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Samsung QN90D first look:
Samsung QN900D 8K TV first look:
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00:00 Intro
01:15 What’s new for the QN90D
05:11 QN90D performance



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  1. @Isles8

    I bought a s90c oled 65' for 1599 I thought about a 77' but may be a bit to big

  2. @64-96

    I'm getting sick of Samsung refusing to just give up and stop punishing their customers with their refusal to support Dolby Vision, across every range of display and monitor they make. From phones to TVs to high-end monitors. My S24 Ultra, my Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 and my QN95A all don't support DV.

  3. @razorgcy

    I wonder what the difference will be between 90D and 95D?

  4. @amitavraja3385

    Last year, the Sony X95L destroyed all other mini LCD TVs in the market. So hoping Samsung has an ace on their sleeve with this model, otherwise the Chinese brands & Sony will kill their top LCD models.😢

  5. @amitavraja3385

    I think this year the mini LED TVs are most exciting and most competitive than ever before. There should be a comparison test between Sony, Samsung, Hisense and TCL. And I forgot LG because they’ve changed their panel to VA panel which has better contrast, so they’re in the game for the first time.😅

  6. @amitavraja3385

    Is this model the top tier LCD 4K model or is it QN95D? I think the D model has more dimming zones and more features not just the one connect box from model.

  7. Samsung is really hyping new release prices this year. I always try to wait until BF and the holiday season to catch a deal.😊

  8. @S3lvah

    How many dimming zones do these have? I'm getting tired of manufacturers hiding that information.

  9. I won't buy a samsung tv until they allow you to enable/disable overscan in sd content

  10. @Abrasive-Heat

    I’m glad there’s so much competition in the tv space. Previous gen models drop down to crazy prices.
    You can get awesome oled tvs for under a $1000 dollars.

    They were close to $2000 not that many years ago. I wish all other markets worked like tvs lol.

  11. @sj460162

    Looks good!!! Caleb wheres the qn95c revew from last year…I cant see it?

  12. @kyleh6984

    Until someone cracks good 3D TV with wider viewing angles and viewing distances, the best 3D video display is Apple’s Vision Pro. So not impressed with TV spec bumps.

  13. @recess7

    Will the new Tizen OS trickle down to CU8000?

  14. @user-mn8eh4zd3b

    The big question I have is have Samsung reduced motion blur with their latest QLED?
    Looking at the video displayed on this first look – it still looks like there is motion blur.

    (I upgraded a 6 year old QLED to a 2 year old QLED. (The newer QLED, while having better image quality, black levels and colour has more motion blur than the older set)

  15. @ryanbaker7404

    While it’s clearly not the same as seeing the TV in person, it looks absolutely stunning in this video. That’s as much of a nod to your production values as Samsung’s quality.

  16. @anzhuliu

    What is Supersize Picture Enhancer for large 85 inch+ Samsung Tv?

  17. @Barbarapape

    I agree with the comment below regarding the price when released, who pays these prices?
    Nothing wrong with waiting until the next model is due and then buy one at a sensible price.
    The same applies to the new Sony models which will be way more expensive than this one.

  18. @PhantomofDB

    Based on this video it looks like they prioritized Brightness so much that it's washed out

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