Samsung S24 Ultra Vs Oppo Find X7 Ultra Vs Vivo X100 Pro Camera Comparison WITH New Firmware

Galaxy S24 Ultra Vs Oppo Find X7 Ultra Vs Vivo X100 Pro camera comparison after the big camera firmware updates. Side-by-side comparisons of video, audio, zoom cameras, night shots, and day stills. I bought all these phones and no brand is paying me for this video…


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  1. @Exire87

    Vivo best Camera but Oppo is the better Smartphone. Better Display, better Sound, better Vibrationsmotor

  2. @Sudip9

    Thank u for portrait comparison that's much needed we take more portraits as compared to inanimate things

  3. Vivo is best but microphone quality and speaker quality is not flagship anywhere

  4. @petouser

    Since you are American. It is natural to praise the iPhone and criticize the Samsmug smh.
    Just kidding 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂

  5. @lewyjack

    I'm still looking for a new mobile but I think it will be Vivo X100 Pro. I have one question. Is it worth to wait for Vivo x100 Pro+ or Ultra version ? Do We know how Vivo wants to upgrade a camera?

  6. @searklarak

    Vivo using a non Snapdragon chipset, ISP and an older IMX989 main image sensor that is 2+ years old is still on top of their game and easily handling and beating the competition overall even if it's not leagues ahead. Their optimizaiton and firmware updates are really paying off.

  7. @greenterecs

    for those who often watch objective reviews, you will know one that is paid for promotion behind the scene… not discrediting the work and effort put into this material. it's still okay.

  8. @danii5846

    Great job!
    I have the s21u and vivo x80pro i was gonna upgrade to s24utra but after this video i might not 😅

  9. @_deybid

    I like how these companies give us distinct outputs to satisfy different tastes when taking pictures. Either way, these images will be compressed when uploaded to Social Media and will only be determined if a watermark exists.

    All phones did an outstanding job! Great review, as always, Chris!

  10. Lol Camera comparison rematch, what next?, revenge of Exynos Processor 😂🤣
    wow Vivo are getting better and better, probably thanks to Dimensity 9300 processor, why cant many brand make only two phones that has Snapdragon and Dimensity variants, just like OnePlus 12, there isnr any Pro version phone anymore, their focus is one phone to make with all rounder specs

  11. @Davyyd1

    hello. can you do s24 ultra after the update vs 15 pro max / honor pls

  12. @And_Sun_Yk

    Wooh, physics obliterating software in zoom and low light – who'd have thought, eh.

    I like Samsung for its consistency across the zoom range. Colours are similar. You expect something, you get it. It's the most mature camera of the lot, including video, stabilization, microphones etc.

    But damn – for pure visual quality – Vivo X100 Pro and Find X7 Ultra have it beat!

  13. @routh1987

    Regardless of what reviewers may say about Chinese brands with respect to their cameras, I have always preferred Apple and Samsung. However, I once purchased the Mi 11 Ultra after seeing many reviewers praise it, but it turned out to be an absolute disaster for me due to the focus hunting issue.

  14. @CallumBlue88

    Vivo X100 Pro has probably at this moment, the best camera setup. Great shots at day and especially at night.

  15. @odinbejar

    You have the bokah on too high on the vivo lower it down That's why it looks too artificial

  16. @asaamv

    One of the loyal subscribers of you ..thank you…can you include indepth camera controls of vivo and accessories and cases available?

  17. @Myako

    Spectacular video, as usual. I love these direct simultaneous comparisons.

    I have two questions:
    1) Have you reviewed the Redmi K60 Ultra or plan to do so with the K70 Ultra?

    2) Could you recommend me cameraphones with a similar price/features ratio and equal or better camera performance as the Xiaomi 13T?

  18. @mistertech332

    I like them all here but the x100 pro in certain photos are not good but I like the s24 ultra and the oppo ja x100 pro no

  19. @Discoverdose

    Hi, thanks for the video. Is it the last update on S24 Ultra (the april one?)

  20. @Goldman5800

    Спасибо за обзор, посмотрю вечером, надеюсь виво выиграл.

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