Samsung S95B QD OLED TV Full Review | Brightest 4K OLED TV in 2022

Taking a long look at the 2022 Samsung S95B QD-OLED, showcasing God of War Ragnarok gameplay as well Horizon Forbidden West on PS5 in 4K HDR. If you are a gamer you don’t want to miss out on this TV!

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  1. Epsylepsy

    It's a no from me. Samsung GUI is just terrible, take so many clicks just to access settings πŸ™ˆ Who can wait for months just to get the right firmware update. If you are gamer and purely watching streaming content I would go for LG C2. Gaming is fluid and games look truly beautiful on LG panel!

  2. M

    Hey kg do you watch movies on intelligent mode, filmmaker mode, dynamic? Etc?

  3. OzGamer

    Great video KGπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    Do u recommend St.2084 -2 and Shadow details 2 on firmware 1304 or keep it both on zero

  4. Alan

    in my country this tv is 4x to 6x the price of the LG C2, and it it's been unavailable for ages… anyway.. never seeing one anyway.

  5. Midge

    in the uk this model comes with 2 remotes and one of them lets you navigate through buttons rather then menus

  6. Jose Garcia

    I bought the S95b 65 inches from Costco with a 5 years warranty at the same cost of the other retailers and the first thing I checked when I open the box was the bending issue, well guess what it was not bend it was a straight line like a rule could be. I got my TV this past November 09 2022 and I love the picture quality of the screen 😍 especially when playing God Of War Ragnarok on the PS5 at 120FPS with VRR it is so smooth.

  7. MrDutch1e

    I feel like a partial cause for the bend is how people handle the tv. I setup the stand on a table and used 2 people to left the TV and slot it into the stand. Mine is dead straight.

  8. mikevol95

    So im in between this tv and LGC2 i stream content and heavy game so even with samsungs nerfing and the fact that the 65" model is 100$ more than C2 would you still reccomend this as top?

  9. Sullivan Galindo

    Just received mine on Monday. Still trying to get picture settings right. Overall still liking it though.

  10. Mr Derp

    Damn this looks so good lol. I’m like sold on c2 but this looks too good

  11. xw71

    So (55 S95B) or (65 LG C1)
    Which one should I buy?

  12. ThreepyOh

    I went to BB with the intent to buy the 65” S95B but the guy working talked me out of it. He was telling me about tv problems and the 65” floor model couldn’t even be turned on because it was broken. He brought up the warped screens, dead pixels, and panels having nothing but lines on half the screen like their floor model.

    I absolutely didn’t want to play the panel lottery so I got the 55” Sony A80J and 42” LG C2. Both of those TVs together only cost me $115 more than a single 65” S95B.

  13. xbone 89

    I bought this tv the other day, couldn't be happier coming from a CX/C1.

  14. Kwesi Williams

    I have the S95B 55inch in my room as my gaming/ do it all television, The Hisense U8H 65inch as my main watching television in the living room, and the Sony A80J 55inch in my daughter's room. All televisions are fantastic. I'm on firmware 1304, and the picture is stunning. I actually keep my television on my tweaked Dynamic mode most of the time, and sometimes I go to Standard mode. I'm waiting until the AMD 7900 XTX to release to see if I'm going to pair my S95B with that or maybe just wait for a 4080 TI to come out. I highly recommend the S95B. Mine had no bends, and 1304 doesn't take away from the TV's greatness.

  15. Osvaldo Milian

    Sup kj, you mind sharing your Game hdr settings, I find that ootb as you said is way too saturated and even switching it to auto and lowering color to 25 is still too juiced lol, thanks.

  16. Peter Lawrence

    This is why you can’t trust these tv reviewers! Stop downplaying the negatives. This is either a Samsung fanboy or a Samsung affiliate. The S95b is easily the most overrated tv this year. Dead pixels, burn-in, Tizen OS is the slowest it has ever been, firmware updates that need the brightness, bent screens, blue screens, tv turns on and off without your control, no Dolby vision, poor Samsung quality control, etc…need we say more! This is the most over hyped tv. Go on Reddit and read all the complaints! Not worth it!

  17. Lance Alex

    Hi KG. I've just got mine and it looks amazing and I'm coming off the excellent qn95a. I'm on firmware 1204 and thinking of leaving it as I just adore the image… However. I've noticed asbl issues in horizon coming in dimming the whole image. I of coursed disable logo detection, eco and enabled pixel shift but it's still bugging me. Is there anything im missing? I don't want to do anything in the SM.

  18. EyeDeal_666

    Too much of a gamble. Too much panel lottery and too much update roulette for my liking.

    A great TV potentially, but it's gonna be the C2 for me, just don't have trust in the S95b

  19. Gawain Davies

    I agree the picture quality is arguably better than the G2 and Sony A95K, yes potentially better than the A95 in some areas. , however there are reported quality issues with some bent panels and dead pixels with the Samsung S95B. And Samsung won’t give a warranty for dead pixels if it is under five or six dead pixels. Samsung has poor quality control. Such a shame because the picture is so amazing but your playing the lottery with approx Β£1,800 pound . Plus would you really trust a company that sold exploding batteries in smart phones..

  20. it's not all about the brightness of the screen, because of the stronger lighting, there are a lot of burn-in problems and dead pixels, Samsung already has a lot of complaints about that

  21. Lol god? More like the Atreus of tv’s πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ we all know Sony is the god king

  22. NexGenTek

    I have one of the brightest LEDs there is and the S95B running 1211 blows me away with the brightness.

  23. Brian Downey

    I agree, S95B is one of the best if not the best. Just wished Samsung didn’t screw it up with the 1403.6 firmware update. And hope they hurry up and put out a new update that fixes it

  24. Thomas

    My mind is set I'm getting this over the c2 & G2.

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