Samsung S95D OLED First Look | Way Better Than You Think

Folks passing judgement on the Samsung S95D OLED TV may be getting ahead of themselves. Based on what I’m seeing, the anti-glare filter on Samsung’s flagship 4K OLED TV is all benefit, no drawbacks. Forget what you think you know about what anti-glare treatments does to picture quality, because this TV doesn’t follow the rules.

Oh, and as a bonus: Samsung is tossing in a free 65-inch TV to anyone who pre-orders the S95D within the first three weeks of its coming out, links below.

🛒 Samsung S95D OLED:
🛒 Samsung QN900D Neo 8K:
🛒 Samsung QN90D Neo 4K:
🛒 Samsung The Frame TV:
🛒 Samsung Music Frame:
🛒 Free 65-inch TV Pre-Order Details:

Samsung QN90D QLED TV First Look:
Samsung QN900D 8K TV First Look:
Samsung TVs at CES 2024:

Samsung S95D OLED first look:
Samsung QN90D first look:
Samsung QN900D 8K TV first look:

00:00 Intro
01:18 Glaringly unapparent
04:30 Performance impressions



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  1. @Caleb_Denison

    Hey everyone! Just want to make it clear that this TV will get the full treatment in the review (which, at the risk of over-repeating myself, this video is not). I wish you guys could see how brutal we were with the lighting in this video. — or more to the point, I wish you could see how our brutal lightning techniques would have made other TVs un-viewable in comparison. I think that’s something we will show in our review, which will require the purchase of at least one new studio light. 😂😂😂

  2. @shmoggy417

    Honestly happiest about 300 nits full screen white

  3. Love the new anti-reflective screen. Hopefully other companies will follow suit on that soon as well. But that One Connect box is still enough to get a lot of customers to say "Pass" on that TV. Should that model of TV really had the One Connect box? Probably not. That's going to turn a lot of potential buyers off fast.

  4. @amrititbhu

    I got one 3 days back. High brightness and matte finish make it exceptional in daytime use.

  5. @D8099.

    Great video. Truely mind blowing tech and i am so excited for this in office and bedrm. but will qdoled or even Woled be sized up to at least 85-90 inches??? I want that size for the main living room. I know about LG oled 98’. it’s out of reach for me in price. i need a 12-1500$ 90-100 inch oled. even better if sony can get that panel, add all thier goodies and retail it at 14-15K$ MAX!

  6. @jasonhatter9535

    Any idea what the technology behind this anti-glare tech is? Is it something you expect to see in other Samsung models or from competitors? I currently have a Samsung QLED that is a few years old and I HATE the Tizen OS. It is not quick and is often glitchy. I have an extremely bright room, so I would be very interested in something with great anti-glare, but it would be hard for me to stay with Samsung simply because of the OS.

  7. Beautiful TV I would love to have either this Samsung or the 95 series Sony I am old but I still love gaming and both looks like they would be the perfect TVs

  8. I would prefer glare instead of this one, because glare dims smaller area than anti-glare. So, no daubt, glare is much better.

  9. @candler98

    I have had nothing but problems with Samsung products

  10. That's why one should never pay attention to the whiners/tr0lIz/h8rz on here (who were knocking Samsung over the anti-glare filter)

  11. @XBnPC

    Sounds like the non-reflective Gorilla Glass Armor on the S24 Ultra. I guess "they" have finally figured out the whole glare thing. Cooool 😀

  12. @Alex335i

    Btw, Sony just came out with 2024 line-up. Bravia 7, 8 and 9 🎉

  13. @Alex335i

    Nits are great, but we need SIZE !!! 😮

  14. @neocitron

    Have this in my store showroom already setup next to last year’s s95C both 77”. There’s no way when you see both side by side you’d say the anti glare hurts the tv in any real way and for those stray lights, lamps, smart speakers or whatever that happen to bounce off a glossy screen? You’ll never worry again. Black is still black.

  15. @m4nu507

    Is dolby vision still a thing in 2024? Should i avoid samsung because of no dolby vision support?

  16. @aaronb9630

    I wish they offered this without a OneConnect box. The S90D will have to be my choice this year, unfortunately the 77" isn't available for preorder so no free tv for me.

  17. @capwkidd

    I have a LG C1 OLED TV with a ZOOM button that lets me zoom in on part of the screen, which I use often. I think Samsung has a feature on one of its TVs that lets you change the size of the TV image on their 80 something inch TV from 80 something all the way down to 40 something. I think this is a great way to not have to look at giant faces when watching talking heads, just change to 40 or 50 something marches, then for movies or cinematic TV shows, which to FULL SCREEN SIZE. Does this all make Sense? Know of any makes and models of TVs with these features? Thanks!

  18. @CasepbX

    Looks just as awful as any matte screen to me Bob…

  19. @sifisflisk7408

    Naaaa minor differences and prefer glossy finish , sorry Samsung no mat for me

  20. @mickiemang2621

    I bought this tv on Friday the day it went on sale from Best Buy. It arrived today. Like he said, the picture is phenomenal! The matte screen produces no issues. The picture quality it supers but the matte screen makes the blacks look even blacker (somehow)! There was a point when I was watching this and Caleb’s skin looks so real like it had texture. I’m so happy but I’ve only had it for 5 hours…

  21. @TheCollos1

    The amount of copeium from "enthusiasts" because "Why no gloss? 0/10"

  22. @GameFanaTICK386

    I mean im buying the LG G4 or the A95L, but to the people concerned about the anti-glare. You guys must not own monitors because 95% of monitors have antiglare screens and they look super sharp! I prefer over glossy.

  23. @wezzman1

    I don't like these promos that are made to look like reviews. I just don't believe a word… sorry i can't.

  24. @masomaf

    What about motion? Don’t like soap opera effect.
    Also curious about
    Dolby vision
    Most natural looking and close to intended picture. Samsung phones are known for oversaturations
    Total quality and lifespan expectations
    Connections and connections speed
    Waiting for total review
    End of this year want to replace my c7 for maybe lg g series but always good to see others. Sony looks good too but expensive and not much hdmi2.1 connections.

  25. @Slitch-nl1

    I love the picture quality of the qd oled but the light output over time worries me

  26. @macmanmpls

    Looking very handsome. I mean you ALWAYS look handsome. Great video by the way.

  27. @honzaklos

    Any idea whether S95D supports 144 Hz WITHOUT DSC? The OCB on S95C limited HDMI bandwidth to 40 Gbps (unlike S90C, which had full 48 Gbps bandwidth and could do 144 Hz without DSC)?

  28. @centillion7

    Digital Trends is being paid by Samsung to like this "Matte-finish-qd-OLED" from Samsung.

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