Saturday Tech – Amazon Alexa Dying? Q&A and More!

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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. shanghaichica

    Iโ€™m keeping a duel system for now. I have 8 HomePods which I use for music, reminders, calendars, as speakers for my Apple TV, finding other Apple devices. I also have 6 echo devices that I use for smart home control, visual timers, news/videos in the kitchen whilst cooking, weather etc.

  2. Adie

    I've just moved over from Alexa to Homekit. I only have 1 Amazon Flex now just because my kitchen light cannot interface with Homekit.
    Never thought I would end up in the Apple Ecosystem, but here I am.

  3. 4Wheels21

    Amazon makes it easy to work with the Govee Home skill to trigger all kinds of voice-activated routines

  4. P T

    I have 7 Alexa Echo devices and 1 show…every room has a device.

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