Scrum in 16 minutes

What is Agile Scrum? Learn in 16 minutes in this introduction to scrum video. Scrum is a framework for managing work with an emphasis on software development. It’s a subset of Agile.

Video by Agile Coach Chris Gagné:

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  1. Spaceghost

    There's no need to have a dude in front of the camera. Really distracting. I watched 3 other videos about scrum without a person in view and feel more informed. But I like freeCodeCamp!

  2. Vinicius Coelho

    I appreciate the content but I was kind of thrown off everytime the guy started smiling. He looked like there was someone behind the camera trying to make him laugh.

  3. DXL Ultra

    Yeah dude, you gotta quit smiling like that when you talk. Its awkward, and doesn't seem fitting

  4. Andrew Wilmot

    This guy looks like the adult version of the kid eating pudding in Billy Madison who won’t trade him for his banana.

  5. Erik Reimann

    The development team has been outsourced by our company. Is there still a way to use the Scrum approach? At the moment there is not much communication possible with the dev team.

  6. Veracious

    Does he always use the delivery of a weak sauce serial killer you inexplicably want to assault?

  7. Ksawery

    You lost me at Amazon, horrible company

  8. Neeraj

    man your voice is so relaxing. it's like i am in a spa

  9. charlene

    I love this video! It's a good refresher for Agile. Thanks! 🙂

  10. Matthew Krause

    Dig it! Much appreciated. This is a succinct and articulate summary of the SCRUM process….and very comprehensible at 1.25x speed.

  11. Sergio Alcantar

    I really couldn't tell he had paper binders cinching his shirt at the back. Looks totally natural…

  12. Bernardo

    This guy's soul has been drained long ago. I hope he manages to find it again. Good video, nevertheless.

  13. Von Schmeel

    i also had to speed this up to watch, what is wrong with this guy. stoned much?

  14. marcello42

    seems like the PO does not really has any impact on when his features are implemented does he? And how do you deal with tasks which will generally take more than 2 weeks to implement hence not fit in any sprint ever?

  15. Iván Yoed

    Wow. Amazing vid. Took a lot of notes. Thanks a ton.

  16. Rahul Singh

    The mode of delivery was more like the reader reading from a written script and rather than actually teaching Scrum in 16 minutes.

  17. thego1986

    If you want to intro Scrum for beginners then you should intro Scrum. Any personal deviations to the original Scrum should be explained and introduced in a separate video.

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