SEATTLE – Drone Video Tour – From Dusk Till Dawn

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See Seattle transform from day to night and back to day again. Start out at Seattle’s Discovery Park near the West Point Lighthouse with views of the frigid Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. Your next stop is high above Fort Lawton with breathtaking views of downtown Seattle. Enter the bustling downtown core with views of skyscrapers, the Seattle Center Monorail, the iconic Space Needle, and several famous viewpoints of the city. Next, you’ll see the lights switch on as the city transforms to night. You’ll catch fireworks launching from the Space Needle. Experience the Great Wheel from outside the Great Wheel. You’ll see Pike Place Market and the first Starbucks after dark, long after the last customers have left. Watch buses speed through one of the few bus tunnels in the world. See the sunrise over the emerald city as the night gives way to day.


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  1. Aren Goodman

    Nice work! Looks a lot like BC. I can't wait to get back to North America.

  2. Owen Heffernan

    Super cool! Just curious…what drone did you use to film this?

  3. Drone Girl

    Wow stunning views! 🙂 Thumbs up and Greetings from Ireland ! 🙂

  4. Landoe Lamont

    Awesome footage! Are you interested in leasing or selling any of your footage. I Would love to use some shots for future music video projects i'll be working on.

  5. hello may I please use part of this video for a Christian rap video? I will credit you and link your channel;

  6. Anil Stories

    Hi Kevin,

    This is dope man! I love your video and want to use some of your footage in my travel video to seattle.
    Could you please allow me to use I'll cc and provide a link to your channel.

  7. Thenuka Damsilu

    I am here at 999K subscribes
    kevin remeber where you started
    and be greatful
    my guy you are a legend

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