You are currently viewing Set Computer to Turn OFF at Certain Time Windows 10

Set Computer to Turn OFF at Certain Time Windows 10

Set Computer to Turn OFF at Certain Time Windows 10

Lossless VS Lossy Video Compression
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I will show you how to set up shutdown schedule using a Task Scheduler so that your computer will shutdown at a time you set it to shutdown.

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This Post Has 34 Comments

  1. Gnarly

    Thanks so much mate appreciate your video.

  2. XZYZ0R

    Is it possible after the shutdown of the PC that it also gets force locked for a specific time for example 21:00 till 9:00 after you restart it? So that you can't login to the computer in that time?

  3. A B

    I tried didn't shutdown my laptop

  4. MattyRam13

    Perfect when I watch Netflix and I keep getting fallen asleep.

  5. DowhatIdo

    Can we also use this prog to auto shutdown after certain duration ? I mean i want to shutdown after 2hours of using

  6. Sharki

    Im just downloading a game while i sleep but dont want my pc on all night so thanks

  7. I got a 5 hour dowload lol and my pc been on all day already and it's 1:45 am

  8. MR.

    Do you know what can cause the computer to automatically deactivate this function?

  9. Lyric Master

    Bro tysm I’m gonna grind on bgs without my mum knowing and I wake up late, so I’m gonna have to set a timer so when my mum comes to wake me up it’s already off

  10. DemomK1ng Diablo

    so how do i make it only shutdown monday – friday and at the end of saturday

  11. Lord Tango

    its not working with me
    I tried with 3 different systems
    Does anyone have an advice


    Thank you so much , this rlly helped 😁

  13. GrowLLLTigeRRR

    For me this just puts my machine to "sleep" at the predetermined time. The fans are still blowing air, the case lights are still on etc. The power is still on. I want to shut off the power completely.

  14. Henrik de Jong

    how can I program it that it shutdown after 10 hours… for EVERY DAY, please?

  15. O Lagarto

    how do i shutdown after a specific task? like a download , a install or the win defender scan?

  16. ChokeOnThis

    I wonder why this isnt built in to the comp, like the sleep option to make things easier, I can't think of a reason why, but its probably something so obvious that im missing.

  17. Brandon

    I need help, i followed the tutorial. When i turn on the pc, and try to log in, the pc automatically turns off.

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