Set up Bitdefender Rescue CD on a Bootable USB Flash Drive

Set up Bitdefender Rescue CD on a Bootable USB Flash Drive

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Its always handy to have a live cd and bitdefender offer a free version where you can scan for malware, even if your computer wont boot and you can also backup data using Bitdefender Rescue CD

Download Bitdefender Rescue CD

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  1. Compton

    Good video britec the fingerprint tech lol

  2. Shumail Gill

    Hello sir my name is shumail arslan gill .I want to make a one request can u plz make a one video on how to resolve app crash error and 0*0000005c error.i am waiting for your soon reply.thanks

  3. john senchak

    Wow you won't see this type of excellent information on the "Kitchen Tech" channel LOL Bye for now Cheers

  4. Dave C

    I could see the email addresses for a second. Ps I love your pe vids i spend most of my free time watching and taking note. I want pe to run natively or even vbox to run from boot. I want a non stick system that forgets almost like a save state in vbox. I like the portable apps. I am trying to build a custom system. you have given me loads of ideas. I use vbox to test the ideas and funtion

  5. Vic Terraglia

    I've got a need to use this today. I've downloaded the ISO (as of today Jan 10, 2019) it's 832MB. Used Stickifier to create bootable USB stick. Boot fails. "/dev/loop0 is an invalid root device
    . Could not find the root block device in ." Could you offer some insight to get past that error?

  6. Mitsuki Kun

    hello Britec09
    , is there a way to manually update the antivirus engine offline?

  7. SpecimenB

    Bitdefender Rescue CD is no longer available.

  8. Mega Pixel

    Guys if you use Bitdefender as a subscriber, you don't need a rescue disk (USB). Bitdefender would neither confirm nor recommend making USB rescue for it's subscribers. Just be aware!

  9. Stephan D


  10. Channel Max UK

    This utility no longer works, Bitdefender have stopped support for it your advised to use an alternative.

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