Setting up Live Voicemail on iPhone in India (iOS 18)

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what’s up geeks this is me Samir and welcome back to iek Vlog and in today’s video Let’s enable live voicemail service on your iPhone which is of course in India well I know that Live voic Mail is a feature got introduced in iOS 17 but only for some selected countries and India was not one of them but iOS 18 came with a surprise because now you can use live voicemail feature in India on your iPhone and let me show you how you can do that so before we start to set up live voicemail on our iPhone let’s understand what exactly it is with the live voicemail feature you can see the transcript of the voicemail on the screen when someone leaves a message this can be helpful for understanding the voicemail especially if you are in a noisy environment or if the caller is speaking softly and you can even filter out spam using this feature live voicemail feature is a device based feature and does not rely on your carrier service so if your network provider does not allow you to use voic mail on their services do not worry because this particular service this particular feature will work regardless and now it’s time to set it up to set up Live voic Mail feature on your iPhone you need to go into its settings scroll down apps and search for phone app and now scroll down and over there you will find live voicemail feature tap on it and make sure you toggle it on and just like that live voicemail feature will be enabled on your iPhone running on I I 18 once you have set up the live voicemail now you will be able to see the transcript of the voicemail if someone leaves a message but the only cavea is that the transcript is accurate only for English speakers and Hindi language is not supported right now to check the voicemail you need to open the phone app on your iPhone and at the bottom right corner select voicemail Tab and here you will find all of your voicemails so that was about enabling live voicemail in iOS a but what about all those people running iOS 17 on their iPhone and living in India or some other country where this feature is not available yet then my friends I have a hack for you it is quite easy just like pressing the like button if you find this video useful yeah it’s easy as that to enable voicemail feature you need to change the region and the language of your iPhone and to do that you need to open Settings app go into the general language and region region and change it to United States a prompt will appear and select change to English us once region and language is set you can restart the iPhone and check if you can use voicemail or not and that’s how you can enable live voicemail feature on your iPhone regardless if it is running on iOS 17 or iOS 18 if you find this video helpful then make sure you press the Subscribe button and also press the Bell icon so that you get notified on each and every video WE Post like this and one more thing you can always go to the App Store download iig blog app and enjoy everything Apple content and amazing wallpapers I can vouch for and on this note this is be Samir signing off and I will see you in the next one till then T see you bye byee [Music]

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