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Setting up Severless Framework from Scratch

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This is one of the first videos that you want to watch when getting started with Serverless Framework. You will learn how to configure your computer to get started with it, how to install Node, and also how to set up your AWS credentials.

🔗Documentation of Serverless Framework to configure AWS credentails:

🔗How to create an AWS account:

🔗Serverless 101 series:

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  1. Shaunak De

    Thank you for this informative video. I also find the tone of the host's voice and their style to be very soothing and condusive to learning! Just thought I would offer a complment on that.

    PS: I don't use a mac, so a bit of this setup was not relevant to me. I was just curious as to how many people here develop on macs? (I have nothing against them, but my bank balance does lol)

  2. Nice job , but next time keep it slow. People following this tutorial can easily get lost. Thx

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