Sexy Typography: CSS Tutorial (Day 2 of CSS3 in 30 Days)

Use CSS3 to create visually attractive typography and cool text effects!

⭐️Files you need ⭐️
💻Sexy Typography Code:
💻All tutorials in this series need this “_theme-styles” directory (only download once):

This video works as a stand-alone tutorial but is also day 2 of CSS3 in 30 Days. For the rest of the series, check out this playlist:

CSS3 in 30 days is developed by Brad Hussey. Check out his website for more great tutorials:

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  1. coderInProgress

    Please try to slow down your speech and also explain in details the css property you use along, don't just jump at it as if we are are already good at it. I faced difficulties to follow you in day one hope you are going to fix this issue of not explaining clearly css properties you use and once again please slow down your speech thanks for day 2

  2. liroy a

    nice but not enough explanation about each property

  3. J_Net Reloaded

    Nice, when you say once do you mean the complete season is on that same download? if yeah thats cool 😀

  4. Subbu Venkat

    Can you what extension that you are using for those comments in your code?

  5. abdullahi samiir

    which software do you use, I want to his name and I am using a windows

  6. Anna Borisova

    I've got it. You don't have to download these files and try to follow his crazy speed. Just sit back and watch what one can do with CSS.

  7. JDevCast

    Thanks for your interesting and practical video series. I really like the pacing. It is not too quick in my opinion. I also like how so much can be achieved in just a few lines of css.

  8. Kino Uy

    Thanks again for this! I know you are a busy guy but you are committing time off your day, everyday, for this. Much appreciated! 🙂

  9. kassem

    I wonder how you are able to talk fast like this while coding and looking to the camera, all at the same time!

  10. Lekhav Lekhav

    Man excellent, I have tried it immediately and it worked great but I changed one thing, I used
    Red and light red alternatively and it looked cool n different like layer cake Lol😂😂, thank you so much❤️

  11. Anurag Bajaj

    Juan Mata doppleganger !!..But seriously the entire playlist is good quality intermediate to expert level stuff

  12. Jabir

    Barely any explanations..

  13. why not

    a tent would make a better logo then fire imo :], great tutorial thanks alot

  14. Aniket Singh

    in cool shadow u did'nt apply font family . how did that font appear??

  15. Dms-Code

    This video is so sexy, thank u for
    share your knowledge

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  17. Abhijit Dhar

    how did you get that font without typing in the font family ?

  18. Joe

    Can you rename the word sexy to something else as kids also watch these videos

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