Sharing Vision Pro Has its Quirks

Apple’s Vision Pro is a very personal device, but there are ways to share the headset with someone else. CNET’s Bridget Carey gets a guest mode demo from reviewer Scott Stein to learn what it takes to share the headset.

0:00 Can I Borrow Your Vision Pro?
0:22 What it’s Like to Share the Vision Pro
0:53 Why Sharing the Vision Pro Isn’t That Simple
2:33 Getting The Right Vision Pro Fit
4:28 Preparing the Vision Pro for Sharing
5:23 Bridget Tries the Apple Vision Pro
6:36 Experiencing Vision Pro for the First Time
8:20 Media Playback Inside Vision Pro
8:47 A Vision Pro Tutor Can Help
9:36 Borrowing Someone Else’s Vision Pro Persona
10:26 Bridget’s Reaction To Apple’s Vision Pro
10:56 Apple, Please Make Sharing Vision Pro Easier

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This Post Has 30 Comments

  1. @meatman2024

    When Bridget said “what’s your password “all cute . I thinK I would’ve caved and gave it to her lol

  2. thanks for the video. I loved the transition to the "Media Playback Inside Vision Pro" Chapter. That was "So Neat!"

  3. @sbondi

    I purchased the device, and used it a bit yesterday and so did my wife:

    1. I absolutely love it, and she thoroughly enjoyed the immersive experience

    2. My friend has it too and had it on for 4 hours straight (plugged in at some point), and he, my wife, and I are all in agreement that using it with the mesh band, it was NOT heavy, and was relatively comfortable.

    3. Used Guest Mode for my wife, and it was easy.

    4. Not sure why it is needed though, because every time you put it on it adjusts to your eye distance and has you adjust it properly on your head, so most of the time I skipped guest mode and passed it to her and she enjoyed it just fine – no effort! It adjusted to her eyes and head as noted above.

    5. Finally, in Guest Mode or not, we had the perception that the eye tracking was not as precise for her. We surmised that all the device had was 5 minutes of eye tracking training (selecting lots of dots), so perhaps that part will not be as good for a “guest” who is not asked to do the training.

  4. @Benvenjtos

    If you interview to Apple fan of course he won’t say anything bad about that thing

  5. @777VIV

    bridget giving so much side eye. she is not impressed lol

  6. @wjdejong2564

    If I understand correctly the usability and visuals are excellent but the (dis)comfort (due to the weight, strap and external battery) is actually quite bad and that seams to be the dealbreaker. Do you agree? Because in my experience these are the 3 essential success factors of a headset: excellent usability, visuals and comfort. Seeing the reviews the discomfort will keep me from buying it (Apart from price).

  7. @babbit_janeway

    Came for the review, stayed for the comment that Bridget looks like Scott’s mum 🤣🤣🤣👌🏻

  8. @joeblowjo


  9. @davidmanjhu

    This video was so awesome and hilarious. Love the Bridget+Scott crossover

  10. @GGori_99

    This is ridiculous.. not something Apple would be doing.. they seem like hitting top ceiling of their techs.. and then decided to make something this silly.. while RayBan is really getting up there with their very much simpler design and polish product..

  11. @paulchiu

    I’m sad those Apple Store demos videos, Birthday 3D cake, Keys immersion, hot air balloon 180 are not built-into the units we buy. Are these available anywhere? Anyone?

  12. @vereauu

    Bridget you don’t need make up 😊

  13. @dman7895

    plus tax? plus tax?? plus higher storage config, plus an accessory here, extra battery there, Apple Care….. hehehehehe

  14. @badpuppy3

    It's a $3500 party trick. It's cool, no denying. But nobody is going to use this as a "spatial computer". It's too impractical for anything other than brief content consumption.

  15. @surfntrucks

    You can tell she was amazed when she saw her kids in spacial video. That was real.

  16. @matdrat

    Apple released Lisa computer in 1983 for $9,995.00 ($30,000 adjusted for 2024).

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