Shortcut Keys You Probably Don't Know (But Should)

Want to save time without clicking your mouse? In this video, Scott Friesen shares some lesser-known keyboard shortcuts that can save you time and make your work more efficient. From hidden shortcuts in popular software like Google Chrome and Microsoft Word to lesser-known keyboard combinations that work across all operating systems, we’ve got you covered. These tips and tricks will help you navigate your computer faster and more efficiently. So, whether you’re a power user or just getting started, be sure to tune in and learn some new shortcut keys that you’ll definitely want to add to your toolkit!

0:00 Shortcut 1
1:16 Shortcut 2
2:55 Shortcut 3
4:33 Shortcut 4
5:30 Shortcut 5
7:30 Shortcut 6
8:33 Shortcut 7

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This Post Has 15 Comments

  1. Robert Christian

    My favourites not on this list:
    β€’ Windows + Shift + S for snip screen capture
    β€’ PrtScn for desktop screen capture
    β€’ Ctrl + PrtScn for active window capture.
    β€’ Windows + Arrow keys for window placement.

  2. SkeepyDev

    for me, some of my favourite key shortcuts are then Windows ones. Windows + (0-9) can select an application with that number on the taskbar(1 will open the first, 2 will open the second, etc.)

  3. Fredrik Larsson

    Yoi can use Function key F11 to go to full-screen mode. F11 to go back to normal

  4. lovly 2cu

    i have done zoom on accident 😁. i forgot about alt+tab.

  5. Tanvir Ahmed

    Another two useful shortcut:
    Ctrl + W (Tab Close)
    Ctrl + T (New Tab)


    CTRL + NumericPad + or – Zoom in and out in browsers

  7. derekcanmexit

    Thanks for the tips! You showed me some new ones that I can use right away and will help me be more productive πŸ‘

  8. Sour Mylk

    1. ctrl+shift+v Paste without formatting
    2. ctrl+wheel Controls zoom
    3. alt+tab Switch between programs
    4. ctrl+tab Switch between tabs
    5. ctrl+f Find/Search
    6. windows+d Minimize every window
    7. ctrl+alt+del Task manager

  9. Adrian

    Pro tip: You can open the task manager even faster with Ctrl + Shift + Escape.
    It will open the task manager directly without you needing to click on it (if you use Ctrl + Alt + Delete)

  10. Ctrl F is my best friend as I sometimes need to find pieces of information in bloated documents for work in tools such as Confluence. Instead of reading line for line I pinpoint exactly the key words I'm looking for. Such a time saver. Another tip I've recently done is to pin both the task manager and windows setting βš™οΈ wheel to my taskbar as I found I would use those a ton. It's one of those things that saves a few clicks but over the course of a long day, if adds up. Great tips as always.

  11. Bill Blanchette

    I loved the zoom with the scroll wheel, I've been using Ctrl + or – to step the zoom up or down

  12. Zunkman

    Why do you insist on insulting your audience with titles like "stuff you probably don't know?" You think you know so much and everyone else is an idiot.

  13. Marwadi Seth

    It looks like, this video is uploaded just for the sake of uploading the video as these shortcuts are too old and almost everyone use this..

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