Should I Buy a 4K Monitor and Is It Worth It? [Simple]

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4K monitors are by no means something that goes away anytime soon. But should you invest in a 4K monitor and are they worth it today?

That’s exactly what we’ll be taking a look at today! We’ll investigate if 4K monitors (also known as UHD monitors or Ultra HD monitors) are worth it for business, gaming, and everyday use.

0:00 Intro
1:12 Advantages: Bigger Screens
2:11 Advantages: Better In-Game Visuals
2:59 Advantages: It’s Future-Proof
3:33 Disadvantages: Requires Powerful Hardware
4:07 Disadvantages: Dubious Compatibility
4:27 Disadvantages: Expensive
5:00 Conclusion


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  1. Tray G

    I was thinkin about buying one on black friday or cyber monday. But one of my young niggas said its not worth it if u not a graphics head. Im not. And now yall saying its not compatable with older games? Nawww. that shit dead. imma stick wit my lil 1080p 24" Tv. Its great.
    Plus my old big tv. that ones cool too

  2. Victor Thomsen

    So should I get a 4k monitor even though my pc can play games in 4k?

  3. zeroblackpink

    I wonder if the next gen consoles like ps5 will have 4K in built automatically like ps4 pro and Xbox one x

  4. Daniel Dougan

    I just bought a Dell P2415Q recently, and it was an AMAZING upgrade over the P2211H it replaced. Its 99% sRGB coverage is a huge improvement in color accuracy. Very useful for photo and video editing, something I hope to be doing more of in the future.

    But here's the other big improvement: 4K. I set Windows to display at 100%, which means I have four times the desktop real estate. Sure, the text is a little small, but it's still quite readable up close. It's approximately like having four 11.6" 1080p laptop screens.

    Would I have liked the display to be bigger…like 27" or 32"? Definitely. A 27" 4K display would be like having four of my 1080p 13.3" laptop displays, and that would be more readable. 32" would be even better. But this was the deal I found on a used one for $150…and I just couldn't pass that up.

    And, oh by the way, I have a Dell S2340M 1080p IPS monitor that I picked up at Goodwill for a whopping $11. It's fantastic as well. Combined with the P2415Q, I'm essentially piping out five 1080p screens from my laptop through my StarTech DisplayLink dual DisplayPort adapter.

  5. Rej M

    yep I was thinking about buying a 4k today, I came back home to watch a video about it, now I'll think about it. Thanks.

  6. Rob Dixson

    I will surely get one….after i can pick it up used for 20 dollars, and something else is a MUST have.

  7. Satish Banchhere

    Then why do gamers prefer 1080p monitor which are expensive than 4k monitor.

  8. Adam Pearce

    "Just look at this scene in glorious 4K, the details are breathtaking"… says narrator on a 1080p video. I think, 'Wow that does look good', and notice I'm viewing at 720p. Hrm maybe I'm fine without it.

  9. sultainious

    Great vid, thanks so much. I'm torn between purchasing a 27in monitor with 1080p and HDR support, or a 4k one. I'll be mostly console gaming casually.. For a 4k that's mostly downscaling to 1080p unless its 4k supported games or movies, versus native 1080p. What makes more sense?

  10. Nope. Linus did a test on this. Experienced gamers don't notice a material visual difference between 27 inch monitor, 4k and 2k normative gaming visual distance.

  11. I wanted this Laptop

    HIDevolution Alienware Area-51M 17.3" FHD 144Hz Gaming Laptop | Black | 3.6 GHz i9-9900K, RTX 2080, 128GB 2666MHz RAM, PCIe 2TB SSD + 4TB SSD | Performance Upgrades & Warranty

    But it doesn't have 4K it has 1920 by 1080
    And I am thnking since others say it has so many issues also with the 1080 Screen I am not getting it i am getting something with the same Specifications but has no issues and it 4K Screen.

    This is the 4K screen.

  12. Muqtada Kamal

    If i want to play single player games, bettwe play on 4k bcz 60hz work there.
    But if i wanna play online games where response time, frash rate matters then go for 144Hz monitor.

  13. Spiral

    So anything 24 inches or lower, 4K won't mean anything? I have two 23 inch Monitors and don't really care for bigger screens at the moment.

  14. A82

    Booooom 8k tvs are now a thing

  15. Iván Hernández

    If you guys are Playstation players like me, and plan on still playing on your PS3 and standard PS4, even if you own a PS5, do not get a 4K monitor, PS3 and PS4 games won't look nearly as good.
    I myself, am thinking about going back to 1080p.

  16. GinsengStrip2002

    We have decently priced 4k monitors and terrible prices of GPUs that are capable of running games properly with this res

  17. PLAYER1

    This video was made in 2018, and nobody could have predicted the mess we're in now, a post-2020 global pandemic landscape with scalpers, price gouging (Nvidia), and chip shortages. If you're happy gaming at 1080p with high refresh rates, stick with it. You'll find a lot more available GPUs that are compatible with this resolution at lower prices. I upgraded to 4K in December of 2020, but was lucky enough to have a 1080ti from 2018, that can drive 4K 60fps games (depending on settings) until the prices for the RTX 3000, 4000, or AMD 6000 series ever come down, so I can upgrade.

  18. Panimrac bay

    "Gpu's will get cheaper over time"
    Crypto Mining begins xD

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