Should this video game trend end? #beyond #podcast #gaming #shorts

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  1. Jassy Rossel

    what are they bichin about? It's takes 5 seconds to go through that. And they know this, they just want to have an excuse to make a video.

  2. Rick

    IGN is lowkey quite Shite nowadays

  3. Ethan Schend

    This guy prefers running in the Animus for 5 minutes不不不不不

  4. bioschlock

    Moron. The devs need them otherwise, loading screen. Did he really think it was a design choice? Geez give me a job

  5. Amenability

    It has nothing to do with loading, it's a design called cinematic and mostly all Sony video games are cinematic.

  6. Amenability

    It's here to stay. It's part of the cinematic video games like GOW, Uncharted, Tomb Raider. This is what Sony is known for since the PS3 and is still popular therefore not gonna leave anytime soon.

  7. Scrondolio

    Would you rather have an actual loading screen?

  8. janus silver

    "shed some light" on a well-known fact. real helpful, that guy. who is he, again?

  9. Well thanks to the new consoles with fast storage and API's and SDK's available for PC, this should be a thing of the past in a few more years where assets load in real time without these little tricks to load stuff. Some games do this a little now but stuff was still built on old tech to really see the full potential.

  10. Arachnopyro

    We're not Game Dev this but we're going to be bossy about it

  11. Wiecznie Godni

    Bro, its just cosmetics. Shaders or some other things need to load. Would you rather sit in front of black loading screen for 2,3 seconds? Thats totally unimmersive

  12. This is only a problem because we keep making next-gen games that can also be played in last gen. The PS5 and XBoxSX don't need these. For PlayStation this isn't a problem, PS4 and PS5 are completely separate, but Microsoft made a promise that all XBoxSX games would also be playable on the Series S and this is going to harm them in the long run. Their own internal dev teams are already complaining about this

  13. LazerDude

    The second person sounds like Ben Shapiro

  14. Bryan

    with the prominence of nvme storage, and optimizations like Direct Storage API, this sort of thing will become less common in newer games anyway.. only a matter of time.

  15. Matthew Hardwick

    He would rather watch a literal loading screen with a spinning circle than squeeze through a tight corridor? Sure buddy

  16. Sriraj Desai

    Can any tell all names of the games they featured here

  17. Sahil Gupta

    Every developer know its not fun but is it better than a loading screen ? Yes it is.. this is actually better great feature and not a bad one.

  18. pac0live

    We all know what types of games hes talking about, do its obvious why a lot of you are so mad in the comments But hes still right 仄儭

  19. matt parish

    It's covering up a loading screen cuz it can't simultaneously render all those different parts of the world. Would you rather go back to loading screens? Maybe you'd get lucky and they put in pong so you could play that during the loading screen

  20. With modern SSDs, this sort of thing is pointless now, they don't need to anymore.

  21. James Fanelli

    Yeah, this is not an issue. It sounds like you're complaining about mechanics that WORK.

  22. GoDummii

    Imagine making a big deal out of this.

  23. maryyjanee247

    Bro how old are you wearing that hat you look like a clown

  24. Giga Saul

    They're a substitute for loading screens? Surely that is obvious

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