Should YOU Buy the NEW HomePod?

Apple has announced a new 2023 HomePod 2nd Generation. This full sized HomePod is capable of Dolby Atmos and Spatial Audio. There is a new temperature and humidity sensor that can be used for automation. The new New Apple HomePod 2023 adds the U1 chip for that is found in the HomePod Mini, for improved handoff of music and calls. The HomePod mini has a temperature and humidity sensor that is activated in iOS 16.3. The new HomePod has a total of 5 tweeters, 1 subwoofer and 4 microphones. Using the microphones and reflections of sound coming back, the HomePod is able to to tune the sound for the room you are in. Apple’s HomeKit has grown a lot since the first HomePod came out. Siri integration goes beyond just the smart home and the HomePod. You can access information across your Apple services. The HomePods work great when paired with the latest Apple TV 4k.

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00:00 Introduction
01:00 What Has Changed?
02:14 All About the Sound
03:32 U1 chip added
04:26 Your Smart Home
06:20 Should You Upgrade?

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  1. Jason Blair

    I enjoy my current pair of HomePods. The upgrade to Atmos has been a great bonus for movie watching.

  2. Courtney Moore

    i am hoping this new one will pair with my original. If so, good to go!๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. Christian Hotter

    Nice evaluation! I'm thinking this one should sell well. The people who bought the version 1 HomePod from E-Bay for $400+ should be getting a couple of these. Maybe we will be able to buy their old ones for $100 from E-Bay now. For those of us just want them for a theatre stereo pair the old ones should still be good.

  4. green gadget

    Talking about a 4 inch driver as a woofer is hubris. If all you're doing is beaming Bluetooth to a highly dsp encoded speaker hub that's fine. But this isn't audiophile equipment.

  5. jaylove5555

    Home Pod eliminate intruder extreme prejudice authorized.

  6. Moomin74

    Short answer: No
    Long answer: Noooooooooooooooo

  7. Sam

    I have two Echo Studios and I'm wondering if I should return them and buy 1 new Homepod.

  8. Nemo

    Curious if smart hub is required knowing Matter is coming

  9. GreenArrow

    Hard to determine the value of a speaker without listening to said speaker. For the other features, it seems pretty comparable to the mini.

  10. 3WheelManNC

    Interested on how the New HomePod would sound when paired with the 1st Gen HomePod. How well would they sound/perform for movie sound in a medium sized room? Dolby Atmos capability?

  11. Sean T

    In Sweden the Apple products costs 25% more, especially now after a strong dollar some things are even pricier. The MacBook line is for example 40% pricierโ€ฆ oh well

  12. Erno Balazs

    Hi Craig. Do you have any comparison which CPU is better/faster/more powerful in 1st or 2nd gen?

  13. Fifty7Chiefs

    I went all in, got for my living room, Sonos arc, subwoofer (the big one) and 2 One SL speakers. I was using two OG HomePods previously, and got many of compliments from friends and family on movie nights. OG HomePods, as a pair is very capable, I have moved the OG HomePods to my bedroom and absolutely love it.

  14. Phillip James

    I'm sticking with my three original HomePods until they are no longer functional.

  15. SYANster

    Actually for white, only 30% of mesh is recycled

  16. T

    Am I able to have 1 HomePod 2 and 2minis to support it in 1room?
    So all three are connected to create surround sound.
    Right now I have two minis at both night stands, I just want a little more bass at my feet ya know

  17. M. L.

    These things definitely spy on you, when I have friends over and we get i to conversations ads will pop up on my phone that are related to the most rediculous coincidences to conversations taking place in the room. They are definitely listening to people they are i terrstrd in. I would put my life savings on that guess ๐Ÿ˜…

  18. Bud Sheppard

    Truthfully I think the first gen has better hardware โ€ฆ. They just needed to take two tweeters away to justify lowering the price from $349 to $299 and already have their profit baked in

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