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Sifu’s new free expansion is out on PlayStation now! Sifu’s 4th major free content update, it brings a new game mode offering 45 challenges taking place in 9 different arenas with different objectives and rules.

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Rated Mature


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  1. I keep coming back to this game and I love it!! every time there's new content and new challenges Thank you Sloclap for releasing this gem of a video game and keep supporting it after a year. I already gotten hooked to the arena mode and it's been such a great experience. Please keep it coming

  2. Moon Moon

    New moves? Wait, I’ve done half the arenas and I never seen those. How do you do them?

  3. Fonchiais

    Maybe a silly question but is it a matter of money to be able to give us some licensed skins ? For example the Matrix one we see in mods on PC, it would be so amazing to play like this. As they offer us the bruce lee one, I figured it wouldn't be impossible…

  4. DEAR PSN: Now if yall can just make it Multi-player itll be the Best "Kung Fu Multi-player game" ever made.. "We Need it",,, we don't Have one might I add💯

  5. Voicebox

    I have 85+ hours on this game and i do not regret a single minute.

  6. i hope they gonna put tons of new finishers, even though i don't have the game but it never boring to watch

  7. Rawand Kurd

    I love this game 😻 i wish there was 2 player mode to play by friends

  8. John

    The best fighting game ever made. GOTY 2022 if not for Elden Ring.
    And all this for free, it's really amazing, the Arena mode is insane, with a lot of references to movies, art is still slick, presentation is top notch, SloClap studio are really talented. Thank you so much for making this game, and offering this for free. What an amazing game.

  9. XxBrokeTeamxX

    Sifu is a legendary game, one of the best fighting adventure games of all time. I am addicted to this iconic game

  10. DopeKun

    These guys need to make a John Wick Game!

  11. Gypso1075

    I thought this was a multiplayer expansion but nope it's still single player 😮‍💨

  12. Emanuele Tintori

    At some point, a cross over with Sleeping Dogs (without guns) it will be inevitably necessary imho!🔥🙏🏻

  13. KeCaey Gaming

    Got to give it to the developers, after the success the game had, they could have just made a small update with cosmetics. Instead, they chose to create a real DLC with a ton of extra content, amd it's free! Thanks Sloclap!

  14. Mr Mash

    Cowabunga! Great to see more DLC and free 👍

  15. mrslow flow

    this is the best time to buy right? its on sale asia psstore for $36..

  16. Michael Conley

    Only thing missing is different variety of weapons like nunchucks etc.

  17. Sifu 2 gotta come out but it's gonna be an old sifu we have to play there's no aging which could be very interesting new bosses stronger than yang

  18. Silver Bastion

    What song is this? Is it in the OST? I need the full version! 10/10

  19. ShionShinigami

    Tired of those skinny, model type woman "having" the same strength as muscular men – normalise buffed females in pop culture media!!!

  20. Incredible game that I still haven’t fully finished but this is a perfect excuse to return

  21. Micheal Cole

    Needs multi player so you can team up it would be ill

  22. Mr. T

    Very cool to see them paying homage to Bruce Lee with two different costumes (for the youngsters out there, that yellow jumpsuit was originally from Game of Death, not Kill Bill).

  23. Ky Burton

    This is so exciting! Love the look of the new stuff and can't wait to get back in. Sifu was my favorite game of 2022.

  24. Asta Is A Beast!


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