Simplilearn Review| Shivprasad’s Journey to Business Analyst Role with a 40% Salary Increase

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🔥Post Graduate Program In Business Analysis:

0.00 – Introduction
0.30 – Professional Background
0.37 – Realizing the Need to Upskill
0.45 – Experience with Simplilearn
01.03 – Hobbies
01.09 – End: Shivaprasad’s Recommendation

* Post Graduate Program In Business Analysis *
Shivprasad Wangdare, a seasoned Product Head residing in Mumbai, brings over 7 years of expertise in developing and launching ERP software products tailored for the construction and manufacturing industry. With a commendable track record, Shivprasad excels in delivering innovative solutions that optimize workflow and enhance efficiency for clients.

The decision to upskill was a strategic move by Shivprasad to broaden his career prospects. By acquiring new skills and knowledge through upskilling, he aimed to enhance his employability and unlock exciting job opportunities in his domain. The certification from Simplilearn played a pivotal role in his career progression. Post-program completion, he seized an opportunity to join IRIS Business Services Limited as a Business Analyst, accompanied by a notable 25% salary hike.

Overall, Shivprasad’s journey was marked by an excellent learning experience, characterized by high-quality materials, engaging instructors, and a supportive community.

Shivprasad Wangdare : Mumbai, India

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✅ About Post Graduate Program In Business Analysis
This Post Graduate Program in Business Analysis is for professionals looking to pursue a Business Analysis career, understand business analysis techniques, get hands-on experience, and for experienced analysts looking to learn the latest tools and frameworks used by Agile teams.

✅Key Features
– Certificate from Simplilearn in collaboration with Purdue University
– Become eligible to be part of the Purdue University Alumni Association
– Master Classes delivered by Purdue faculty
– Earn 35 PDs/CDUs post completion of the CBAP® module
– Harvard Business Publishing case studies of Pearson, CarMax, EvCard, etc.

✅ Skills Covered
– Business Analysis
– Elicitation and Collaboration
– BRD FRD and SRS Document Creation
– Requirements Analysis
– Planning and Monitoring
– Requirements Life Cycle Management
– Strategy Analysis
– Wireframing
– Solution Evaluation

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