Small Foot Print EMU PC! The New Ryzen 8700G Can Emulate Everything!

We built a small form factor mini ITX AMD Ryzen 7 8700G powered mini PC and This mini PC can emulate everything and most games can run at 4K! In this video we test out some of our favorite emulators on the Ryzen 8700G APU like YUZU for Switch, Dolphin for Gamecube and Wii, RPCS3 with PS3 games, PS2,PSP,XBox and even Xbox 360 emulation!

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00:00 Introduction
00:11 Video Overview
00:43 Specs Mini Emulation PC Build
02:18 Clock Adjustments Ryzen 8700G
04:38 PSP PPSSPP Emulation Ryzen 8700G
05:15 Gamecube and Wii Dolphin Ryzen 8700G
06:29 Xbox Emulator Ryzen 8700G
07:21 PS2 Emulation Ryzen 8700G
08:14 Xbox 360 Emulator Ryzen 8700G
09:05 PS3 RPCS3 Ryzen 8700G
10:19 Switch Yuzu Test Ryzen 8700G

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  1. @xtr.7662

    Just a note gow 3 was running at full speed thats almost exactly how the ps3 runs at that scene

  2. @user-tm9ho3bm4v

    For the same or less money you can get better performance with a dedicated gpu. Whatever keeps the clicks coming I guess.

  3. @En1337Rich

    can you build me one of these with all the emulators installed?

  4. @cafe88racer53

    If they could put a 7800m in it and charge $500 for the APU then it might be a big seller lol

  5. @tylermillsbass

    One of the things Intel did with their first series of Iris iGPUs was adding a substantial cache which really improved the iGPU's performance. Wonder what would happen with one of these with the 3D vCache… like an 8700G3D.

  6. @pekholtz

    great video as usual, i would love to see that lastest game of that guy that looks like peter pan from the big N, that guy that en every game need to rescue the same princess, and no , im not talking about the plumber

  7. @DeathBaseTURBO

    Comparing it to a 7840U, what are the differences? Is it just more thermal room?

  8. @Macky4941

    I can't wait until we get APU's that can run modern games at max settings. I'd be happy with 1440p 120fps. We're definitely close, I'm thinking we'll see it in another year or two. I feel like AMD is starting to make low to mid range cards unnecessary.

  9. @grtitann7425

    Ngreedia is a horrible anticonsumer company that doesn't deserve all these free promotions and praises.

  10. @robdfar

    Not bad for a basic build. You could still save money by getting different ram and possibly different case. 121 for that case is a little pricey. Also, 1 TB would just scratch a service if you're trying to build a true immolation retro rig. I'm crawling around in about 16 TB

  11. I have been waiting for this moment since the 2200g. Happy days. I hope asrock will make a deskmini for these guys.

  12. @koskey06

    I can't wait to build a media/emulation device for my living room. Just waiting for the price to drop just a little

  13. @shadow19121

    This would have been my alternate but after seeing the LzMod a24 V5 with the LP RTX 4060 I had to build in that one. Best 5L for home and travel.

  14. Its not much better than anything on the market…Intels newest mobile Meteor Lake processors are competitive with the 780M…that was the whole point of those chips.

  15. @SidAmadeusRyan

    I was watching cars , and I am hearing someone shouting , " got no money but fucks cars " , I have heard this over millions of time, 😮‍💨 how can species can hat physical relationship with metal object 🙄 , so I see porche a lot 🤪 . Buy the way I see gadget a lot Also , what they gonna say , got no money fucks gadgets, man bangla language sucks in slang words 😡 . What a world I live, I get to pee and I hear someone shouting I am at the toilet , am I getting rapped 😡 . Because I don't have money it gives them do whatever they want . Wow . What a country I live .

  16. @kuyache2

    Thumbs up for the Switch emulation. we dont mind the blurred out graphics as long as we can see the performance graph. Hoping to se more switch games tests in the future. like can it run TOTK at 60?

  17. @baoquoc3710

    is the n guys gonna call all units when the yuzu emulation was unblurred? I guess maybe😂

  18. @EmrahUrhan

    Please add power consumption at idle, full power in a separate section because some of your subscribers are home lab builders and your videos are valuable for them.

  19. @budczus

    I mean, running GoD 3, ancension and Zelda BotW is the end game for emulation.

  20. @BaldKiwi117

    Too expensive just for emulation tbh. Kind of a niche product. Maybe good for someone who needs a small form factor pc for light work and occasional gaming on the side.

  21. @Thisconnected

    Hi ETA, I loved your videos about the new R7 8700G and I am wondering how this APU will far in dota 2.

    if you could possibly try to play and try it, I would appreciate it.

    Thank you!

  22. @tencheenian

    since 8700G is using same GPU like 7840HS, i assume the performance will has no different compare to 7840hs laptop

  23. @SurprisedBacon

    Even when I am chronically depressed ETA prime still slaps just as hard no matter the mood

    10/10 would recommend again and again

  24. @Dan_d00d

    Info Q for viewers here : What is the software that is running at the start ?
    The platform (like kodi / plex ) that can group in all the systems combined?
    Does it just auto launch out to the respective emulators? Will go looking for this but any help is appreciated. I have most of these emulators , lots of roms but manually load each, a central hub and game listing (like i have for movies ) would be awesome. thanks any helpers!

  25. @JohnSmith-xq1pz

    I'd like to do something like this to emulate 1-7th console generations and usb adaptors to use original controllers

  26. @GewelReal

    That AVX512 support definitely helps in RPCS3

  27. Love your vids. I have a request if possible. In the video description it would be awesome to see a total estimated cost for each build. We certainly can spec it all out ourselves but you've already done the legwork just share those numbers. Thanks. Keep up all the amazing work.

  28. @aceydu

    I am very curious if you could test use the sistem as a pc to stream from (as a secondary pc)

  29. @jorgo00

    will the 8500g and 8600g be able to support 100hz – 144hz+ through HDMI?

  30. @chugunnyj

    how do you think, ASUS ROG ALLY can emulate everything?

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