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Snow Lake Washington State

This week Kerry and I head up to Snow Lake, an alpine lake in the Cascades at Snoqualmie Pass.

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  1. Renate Stratvert

    This part of the world is just so beautiful.  Thanks to you tube and this great video people around the world get a chance to share this scenic world.

  2. GaryMc

    Simply stunning views! Great fun video.

  3. Hi Kevin,this is Horst from Germany, father from Jana, Maike and Steffen. If you remember, you and your brother visit us together with your mother many years ago in Wachtendonk.From time to time I got links from your mother and I look your amazing videos. Especially this one gives me a fantastic view to the mountains close to Seattle. I love the mountains too and if I've the time, I go to Switzerland or Austria. My other favorite is sailing, so we went with the family this year to Italy and sail between Italy-Elba and Corso. It was wonderful.BTW: I'm also interested in your equipment and it would be great, if you explain me something around the technology that you use for your amazing videos.Best regardsHorst

  4. It's Kim Java

    Great job….fun to watch. Question, what sort of a steadicam or gimbal are you using for those smooth shots on the ground?

  5. ninjabic

    wow, you got some great angles with the drone! Great job on this edit! Kept it entertaining the whole way. Subbed fasho. I did this hike last month with my gf and finally edited/uploaded the footage. Check it out my dude! kept it short!

  6. Little Lily

    Hi!!! Amazing views, thanks a lot for sharing, we fly to Seatle and plan to go on this and a few other hikes. Would you mind giving some info, do we need a permit/ticket/any kind of payment to do this hike and where is the parking lot to start this hike?
    Would really appreciate any info! Thanks!!!

  7. satxguy71

    Hiked snow and gem lake many times snow and all. Gamma ridge and green mountain is where i would hang out. Gamma Trail needs maintenance big time. Then again i was hiking back in 2001

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