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Song in the Smoke is a single-player survival adventure game set in a vast, beautiful, and deadly world outside of time.

Your skill is the key to survival as you stalk and hunt prey with hand-crafted primitive weapons and tools. Forage for food, medicine, and supplies by day and remember to keep your campfire lit throughout the dark, dangerous nights. Establish camps wherever you deem fit as you explore and survive this immersive world created from the ground up exclusively for VR.

With creatures and characters created by the legendary artist Katsuya Terada, experience a stunning original experience unlike anything before! Breathtaking, physical combat against terrifying apex predators and other incredible beings from between worlds awaits you.

Song in the Smoke: Rekindled has been completely remastered to take full advantage of all new PlayStation®5 features, including high-fidelity graphics, 4K HDR with 120fps performance mode, headset rumble, haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, gaze tracking, and a new free-jump locomotion mode.

**This will be a free upgrade if you already own Song in the Smoke on PlayStation®4.**

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  1. stuntmonkey

    Make mod support for specific psvr 2 games 🙏🙏

  2. Always heard this game was amazing, but never got around to it, and once PSVR 2 was confirmed to not have backward compatibility I was put off from buying more PSVR 1 games. Glad to see it's getting a free upgrade for existing owners.
    I really hope it does well for the developers, and I'll be looking to buy a copy.

  3. Tradition

    If this was called A Survive in the Woods, it would have sold more copies. It looks great.

  4. Song in the smoke. One of the very best psvr games is getting even better? I can’t wait. This looks amazing

  5. Mike Oxmaul

    If a game like this, (which didn't get the attention it deserved on PSVR1) , From a smaller developer can offer a free upgrade, we should be calling out the bigger studios that didn't.

  6. Alexei Santiago

    PSVR 2 is a must have and I'm sure it will become one of the biggest revolutions in gaming.

  7. MikeCheck—

    One of my favorite games from PSVR. Will save data transfer? I mean, I'd have to start a new save regardless, it was a ton of fun! Except at night

  8. AntoneJones

    Wow they added a real jump button. Looks like I’m buying it

  9. PSVRafa

    Song in the Smoke é maravilhoso, baita game de sobrevivência…recomendo muito!

  10. Unit 17

    One of my most anticipated games for PSVR2. Heard the original version was awesome.

  11. Jdb

    This looks incredible! Definitely the definitive way to play the game now

  12. MsUltraBob

    Can’t wait for it I bought it for Psvr1 but never played it. So glad for the free upgrade I will definitely play it on the Psvr2.

  13. iAkis

    The Order:1886 PS5 version please ..

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