Sonora AI Voice Assistant on MiracleOS 2

Have you ever wondered if there is an OS controlled by voice?
Introducing MiracleOS 2 X Sonora, with Sonora you can control your device as you please such as searching important files, generating text for tasks, interactive voice commands based on-AI, etc.

Be Important that this concept video is just fictional. This is NOT an actual/real OS or software so there is no ISO or Installation files for this OS.

All designs like UI and features belong to me (AR 4789). Do not reupload/modify this video without permission from AR 4789.

Otherwise, enjoy the video that I made!
[Musik] open file manager the downtown City at night captured on July 2019 Send to Michael on [Musik] conchat create the descriptive text about new yor City [Musik] recommend the game for this device Open quick settings turn off bluetooth Turn on hotspot maximize the volume close quick settings Open notification clear notification open menu close menu open web [Musik]

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  1. @UIFuture

    This is the best concept I have seen Best animation and great designs 😊

  2. @EroDhika

    at least you tried to use an actual voice, not a TEXT TO VOICE kind of thing

  3. @xx_marif_xx

    Bro is in 2025 that he got GTA VI 💀 Btw I got addicted to see all of your concepts several times 😊👍

  4. Me while watching this: "..Hey, this looks really professio..*OPENNN FILE MANNAGERRRRRRRR!*… nevermind."

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