Sony A7IV vs Panasonic S5 II – IBIS / Stabilization Comparison

Sony A7IV vs Panasonic S5 II – IBIS / Stabilization Comparison
Sony A7 IV –
Panasonic S5 II –
Panasonic S5 II X –

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0:00 Intro
0:47 Stills
1:09 Static shots
2:13 Walking – 20mm
3:26 Walking – 24mm
4:17 Walking – 35mm
4:55 Walking – Vlog test
5:11 DIS crop
5:22 Catalyst Browse Gyro Stabilization
5:28 Dual stabilization
6:26 Summary


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  1. Mark Shirley

    Thanks very comprehensive analysis 👍 I hope you can have a look at the A7R5 stabalisation as its supposed to be better again.

  2. Luka Lukati

    what about stabilization with sony catalyst prepare?

  3. Andreas Buder

    It’s very sad, that you couldn‘t test dual IS properly. That might be the preferred method for handheld run and gun without gimbal. I would be very happy about a follow up video.

    I slightly disagree on your conclusion. Boost IS can replace a tripod if they are too cumbersome and with the Sony you can’t. Active IS on Sony also needs high shutterspeeds because it essentially uses the same method as post gyro stabilization. So IBIS only and dual IS are the only true reliable systems that just work without any caveats, and that makes the Panny superior. Thanks for the video!

  4. Henrikki Kosunen

    That panasonic wobble was really bad. 🤔 I think even Canon is better.

  5. Ramón Linares

    I was a bit confused with your previous video about the S5 II because it was a bit contradictory with what other reviewers claimed.
    Now you clarified without any doubts that things are more complicated than simply choosing a winner 😅.
    Good job as always and thank you for the effort you put in everyone of your videos 👏👏👏

  6. Interesting video. E-Stabilization looks broken. Were you using native lenses? I was wondering if the stabilisation algorithm was using the wrong focal length.

  7. B Basleigh

    Sony wins over LUMIX by a whisker in terms of image stabilisation. Sony as more expensive camera? LUMIX lenses produce very refined saturated images as in this video. Of course images can be adjusted. LUMIX 24-105mm f4 Macro OIS at 680g despite being heavier than Sony equivalent at 663g puts on a good show.

  8. No Espam

    Enormously helpful video, thank you! This should clear up a lot of confusion. It also explains why there was so much confusion in the first place as the reality is slightly complicated. My takeaways: don't try to Vlog on the S5 II at wider than 24mm, forget the E-stabilization mode on Panasonic as it is either useless or counterproductive, and expect to use Catalyst on A7 IV for best results. 👍

  9. Zyx Yuv

    A7 IV does not have Sony's new IBIS tech, can you test the A7R V versus S5 II instead please.

  10. Matt Hollman

    Are you walking normally for this test or "ninja footed"? The S5II footage you shot looks way worse compared to when I film with my S1H walking "ninja footed," so this video is a bit concerning to be honest. Appreciate the video though!

  11. David Mitchell

    All these A7iv vs S5ii comparisons actually make me think I should pick up a used A7iv.

  12. Jan W.

    Summary: after extensive testing you found exactly one combo of focal length with e-stab at which the Sony is slightly better, which boils down to Sony using a bigger crop for e-stab. In every other context the Panasonic is better or dramatically better. That’s “a nuanced picture…”.?
    I also think there are far better dual IS options for the Lumix system with better performance.

  13. James Sonfield

    Finally a sensible well thought out test, every reviewer out there apart from you is sprinting in flip flops and slagging off the Sony, yes the Panasonic is better in that situation but how many of us would actually do that? That’s what gimbals were made for as you say. 👍

  14. DroneStories

    I don't understand your test.
    Where are the boost option in s5ii when you make the comparison with sony a7iv : ibis + gyro?
    Can we get a stabilization with all the features on?
    IBIS + e stabilization + boost ?
    I think it's possible as I see in YouTube…

  15. John Clay

    good 8.5min on the S5 mk II and sony A7r iV

  16. Adam Hlavín

    Footage from Panasonic is already after fw updates? Wobble is really noticeable and not looking good.

  17. I'm curious to see whether the people saying that you were completely wrong about the stabilisation will now apologise. Thank you for this video, it is the only unbiased stabilisation comparison.

  18. YUN FENG

    Can you make a stabilization comparison between s5ii and gh6?

  19. sa na

    Do a lumix s1 or s1h vs s5 ii stabilization test…. please 🙏

  20. Loizos Loizou


  21. sa na

    I needed this video….. thanks a lot

  22. Sony's lens selection is amazing and if Panasonic goes half way to it – We have a winner.

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