Sony comes through! PS5 Update

PS Portal or PS5 Slim?

00:39 – PSPortal Reviews
05:17 – Does it work?
07:12 – PS5 Slim Rules
11:17 – Black Friday DEALS!

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PSPortal Reviews are In

VGC Loved it – The screen is bright and clear, and the whole system is ergonomically pleasing. The thumbstick feels slightly different from a standard DualSense controller, and it’s yet to be seen if it’ll be afflicted with the stick drift issues of the PS5’s DualSense.

Verge – “My first impression is that this device is primarily for PlayStation diehards who want a simple, dedicated tool for streaming games around their homes. It may be for when the main TV is in use or to take games to other rooms like the bedroom or the bathroom (if you’re okay with flagged devices), but $200 is a little pricey for such a single-use accessory to a $400–$500 game console — especially when there are many other options available that you may already own.”

Kotaku – At present, Portal’s touchpad functionality is clumsy and poorly explained, but it’s not a total dealbreaker. There’s not a dedicated menu for Portal under the PS5’s accessory settings yet, but hopefully that’s not too far off.

Every review mentioned lack of bluetooth support. SO unless you have a PS Link enabled headset, you can’t use the Portal with wireless headphones.

PS5 Slim Disk Drive Swap

Tronics Fix

(5) Can You Swap PS5 Slim Disc Drives? – YouTube

PS5 Unregisters disk drive when you reset it
If you register it to one PS5 and put it in another PS5 Slim, the second PS5
The second PS5 showed the error logo in the top corner and at first the PS5 said the disc drive couldn’t be used but then after a restart, the PS5 registered the disc drive and everything was fine.
Then, swapping the disc drive back to the original PS5 Slim that it was in, it still worked without registration so it seems like it will remember all of the PS5s it is connected to.
Not the most elegant system, and more complicated than it needs to be, but it works as well as it can under the circumstances.
Overall, I’m still really happy with my PS5 Slim.
PlayStation Store Black Friday Sale

PS+ is on Sale from November 17 to the 27th

30% off on 12-month member plans for new members
Essential is $80, Extra is $135 and Premium is $160
Essential drops to $56, Extra drops to $94.50 and Premium drops to $112
25% off for current members who want to upgrade to Extra and 30% off for members who want to upgrade to Premium
Upgrading to Extra from a year of Essential would be $21.25
Upgrading to Premium if you already have a year of Essential would be $32
If you’re still using PS+ Essential, I would say it’s definitely worth paying the $20 to upgrade, if my math is correct and it should be.
PlayStation Game Store

No word on the price drop specifics yet but they mention EA Sports FC 24, NBA 2k24, AC Mirage and more.
I would be interested in AC Mirage since it’s a $50 game to begin with so the price will probably be $25 or $30 and I think it’s worth grabbing for that based on reviews.
PlayStation Gear

20% off on a bunch of merchandise without a promo code
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This Post Has 24 Comments

  1. MatrixAlphaCWX

    The entire selling point of going digital for games/movies was a (cheap) option compared to Physical.
    —- Digital is no longer the cheap option, its now overpriced as a convenient (Get It Now) option, like a gas station that carries milk for double the cost. —–
    Cancel your Digital Subscriptions, it's cheaper to own "physical used games" now.
    Single player games don't need online services. Stop wasting you're money.
    Gamestop, Your local game stores/thrift store/2nd n charles, Facebook Market Place, Ebay.
    Cheap physical games cost way far less than having a Subscription, and you OWN them.

  2. Phillip Taylor

    Hi this is more of a question rather than a comment. I’m in the UK. Can somebody explain what shape on means

  3. xxnike0629xx

    For what I can tell the PS Portal is not really worth it. Stick drift is a potential issue but for something like this, they should've at least had detachable controls. Heck that'd be more profit for PlayStation.

    They should've had a Bluetooth option.

    Overall I think this is like an after-thought, and I think we might get a dedicated handheld console.

    Heck I don't have a PS5 yet so of course I'll be focusing on getting a PS5.

    The disc drive situation is being overblown and not really a big deal. People are going to pair it once and that's it. By the time the PS5 generation is over, we'll probably not have this pairing requirement.

    Well it'd be a smart time to at least get an extra year of PS+ Essential at least during these Black Friday deals.

    I hope there's a Black Friday discount on the PS5 Slim, Dual Sense Edge, etc. I hope to get one finally this year.

  4. Poison Kiss

    The problem with streaming games from your PS5 is that Sony's software options are not that great. You get a huge input lag from doing so and that might be okay with some games that dont demand reactionary gameplay, but for me… it's a dealbreaker. There shouldn't be a $200 solution for that obviously, but it does promise the best display and there shouldn't be latency… right? Niche, yes. Wish i ordered one when I had the chance.

  5. ķovú

    Im dissapointed with PS5. It sucks

  6. livibam

    $200 seems reasonably priced for this product.
    No Bluetooth is unacceptable tho

  7. marcus upshaw

    What if you have PS Premium- Can you get some discount over the coming price hikes? Mine is set to renew in December

  8. Gadget_uk

    not being funny but can we talk about when the uk is getting the ps5 slim

  9. MikeAnthonyPhoto

    Future game preservation: If you buy the PS5 slim, in the future the servers will be gone. If you have to reset your PS5 or fix it, you can't activate the disc drive anymore. it will be a doorstop brick. they want everyone to go digital and to have full control of your hardware. just like our communist government taking control of everything with communism and digital currency. its called enslavement. Sony will make you have to buy a monthly subscription to play old games that you already have on disc but can't play b/c the servers are gone. its always about money & power and control.

  10. Koudie Love

    I currently have 4 dual sense controllers that have stick drift. handled with care, mostly just for show as i have all colors yet the black controller 2 of my white controllers and the purple. i plan to replace them all next week during black friday deals, but still.. shouldnt be an issue !!

  11. Fawzy x

    As a PlayStation channel, don’t you think it’s your duty to pick up a portal and give us a direct review rather than depend on other people’s experience. L 🤦

  12. JasonXME

    Xbox GamePass Ultimate for 1 year is $203.88

  13. Chris Wolf

    I wasn't interested in the Portal until I got a cold a couple weeks ago when I was sick in a room feeling ill. Then my wife wanted to watch The Voice on our PS5 TV, and now I see the value in the Portal. Hopefully, it has no latency and also works with a USB-C ethernet so you can connect to the modem.

  14. Brian Kennedy

    Remote play is not new people act like sony was reinventing the wheel

  15. Gary deBrown

    I got the portal. I’m psyched to try it. But I am that niche audience. I’d rather spend the extra $100 for the DualSense effects over a Backbone. Backbone is cool, but it’s not all that.

  16. Gary Graf

    All those options for remote play are janky at best. Hopefully the Portal fixes that

  17. lenkeydan1

    Speak for yourself, every controller I have ever bought eventually gets “stick drift”

  18. Daniel Flores

    I love it when the communty splits when optional hardware is released. Its optional ffs!
    If people wants to buy a secong screen remote player, fn let them!
    Fudge, the people who complain the most are probably the people who have disk based ps5s as they know they cant switch between games and are stuck with pkaying one game remotely.
    Heck, they are the same people fn bought the PS VR 2! Now that's a huge waste of resources!
    The ps vr 2 consoke sold worse than the wii u ffs! But the Portal is what you are mad about?
    jesus Christ!

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