Sony DualSense Edge Controller Review | What's New vs Original Dual Sense?

Reviewing Sony’s DualSense Edge PS5 controller, a pro Playstation option with customisable profiles, bonus back buttons, adjustable triggers and more. Here’s an unboxing of the DualSense Edge with a verdict after several days of testing for this £209.99 controller! Note that it’s PS5 only, so PS4 owners won’t be able to use it.

You’ll find lots of changes here, the biggest and best being Sony’s control profiles. These allow you to customise the sensitivity and dead zones of the thumbsticks, as well as remap each of the DualSense Edge’s buttons. You can setup an individual profile for each PS5 game, or even characters within games. Swapping between them on the fly takes just a couple of button pushes.

The Sony DualSense Edge wireless controller also serves up two back buttons, customisable triggers and a few little design changes. And it all comes bundled in a hard protective case. But is it worth that steep UK asking price?

Well, only if you’re desperate to raise your game and cash is no option. Especially as the DualSense Edge doesn’t have fantastic battery life.

Sony DualSense Edge Controller Review Chapters:
0:00 – Rambly bit
0:49 – Unboxing
2:14 – Design vs Dual Sense
4:47 – Setup & Profiles
7:28 – Haptics
7:55 – Battery life
8:41 – Byyyeeeeee


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  1. Koudmaker

    I think that the victrix procon BFG will have a better value for what you need out of a pro controller. But when they are going to switch to holo sticks like the newer steam decks.

  2. Not even close to worth the price. Same controller with analog stoppers and 2 back buttons

  3. Hans verwoerd

    Why no rubber or leather backsite?? For that price never!! Series X controller still wins by a huge marge in terms of comfort and battery life. Especially the models with the rubber backsite, like the forza horizon controller. The thumbsticks feel on the right place on the xbox, on the ps your thumbs are stretched to much 😭😭😭

  4. Vaderd2k

    Wonderful review! Although I did have trouble hearing anything after £200+😅. OG original Xbox had the best anti-yank cable. The cable was actually equipped with a breakaway joint so a careless wife, child or large pet could blunder through the area between you and the TV and the cable would simply part. No yanking the console or the controller. Also, aren’t the entire joystick modules removable?

  5. - KTB-_-BTK -

    Couldn’t I just buy a different battery for the controller that lasts longer?

  6. Ace McLovin

    Price is off putting but the shorter battery life is a massive no thanks! If they'd increased the battery life the price wouldn't be as off putting for me personally.

  7. Soumil Dutta

    Whatever shit you do, there'll be people criticising for the petty stuff all the time


    How much wait wait wait, I have to skip back and listen again 209 punds

  9. Denes K

    I wish all controllers came with 2 pairs (4) extra buttons for all your fingers….

    But … I also wish a mouse had a pinkie button as well… (yes, I actually use the side and 2 left top buttons too in games)

  10. Dabwil

    Glossiness shouldn't have been invented, looks so tacky. I covered that part on the PS5 real quick 😁

  11. TheRandomVaper

    I thought they were supposed to come with adjustable resistance for the analog sticks? Seems like a major oversight not to have on a controller in this price range imo.

  12. gerr mell

    Everyone is complaining about the price? Yeah it’s high I get it, but have you guys not seen scuff controllers or battle beaver controllers? They cost twice as much to fully mod them and don’t even last that long. This is a bargain compared to all those other custom controllers

  13. SubzeroNr1

    Im sorry but even if you don't like Xbox you get a frekkin Xbox Series S for the same price so even if that controller shits out gold its overpriced.


    I’m waiting to see a warzone 2 multiplayer demo

  15. Igor Saric

    2x the price of regular OK maybe, 50% more – getting one for sure….3X the price – no way I'm paying that


    The only good thing going for this, you don't need to buy a new controller if you get stick drift, just replace the analogues, I believe there not expensive 🙌

  17. Matthew Hardwick

    It's basically half the price of a PSVR 2. For 1 controller with worse battery life and less back buttons. How Sony justified that pricing is beyond comprehension.

  18. h p

    Do you recommend any thing for FPS games?

  19. MrShitfire xxx

    The price isn't bad at all. Its actually priced quite competitive within the market of pro controllers. Chances are, if you're complaining about the price, you gotta ask yourself, "Do you need one?

  20. ill-fated

    I noticed you didn't even touch on the most controversial part about this new Edge Controller. The changeable thumb stick mechanism, not the caps but the whole compartment.
    Instead of fixing the stick drift now you can just pay even more money and buy a whole new stick mech. As if it wasn't expensive enough.
    This is an extreme slap in the face by Sony.

  21. David Japri

    only u showing dualsense edge connect into ps5 👍

  22. Freddy Vegas

    This controller really isn't expensive compared to other pro controllers for the PS5. So don't mention the Xbox Elite.

  23. Kevin W

    Way too expensive. €125-150 would have sold me.

  24. Vitor Fernandes

    Terrible review.
    No proper comparisons with the stock controller. He mentions strong haptic. But if it more than stock?
    I learned nothing. I’ll just wait for a proper review

  25. Michael

    Dualsense Edge > "elite" series 2

  26. MDZ

    Curious if this can be used with PC 🤔

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