Sony DualSense Edge PS5 Controller Unboxing #Shorts

Unboxing Sony’s DualSense Edge controller for the PS5, a big upgrade vs the original thanks to its deep customisation, upgraded design and additional accessories. Full review of the DualSense Edge is coming Monday but here’s a quick hands on with the design and new features, side by side with the standard Dual Sense controller.

Check out my verdict on Sony’s PS5 console and stay tuned for a full review of the PSVR2 right here on Tech Spurt!


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  1. Raed Skerek

    Can you take a look at some custom Stick modules when you do the review? I want to see some Hall Sensor stuff, might make it worthwhile for the long term.

  2. ItzSabbage

    idky ppl are so flabbergasted over the price wen it’s cheaper than a scuf controller but is better made

  3. Jamie Robert

    I kind of hate the face it’s a glossy plastic that’ll get finger prints and scratches

  4. Fewgee

    Rip off, and the fact that it's over 25% more expensive in the UK compared to the US, along with the worse battery life compared to the dualsense, takes the pee. Also only two back buttons, and no option to increase the length of the analogue sticks for extra control.

  5. Jk Really

    Copied pop-up buttons from xbox controller

  6. Decripted person

    Yeah definitely people will buy it like WHO THE FUCK in their right mind will buy this it costs more than some phones WTF

  7. W

    STUPID af

  8. Michael Boys

    Cannot wait for your review. By the way, could you possibly find out if the mappable back buttons can be used for accessibility features? If so, could you include it in your review? As a visually impaired gamer, this would be game changing (no pun intended) for me. Thank you.

  9. Alex Stone

    And here i am looking for a bluetooth controller for like $10

  10. nekaneka20 20

    My only problem with the remote is that they need different colors!. I'd I'm going to spend my money on this then I'd like it to look unique

  11. Pete Beef

    fuck that….200 quid, they are takin the piss

  12. Carl Wheezer

    the glossy plastic makes it look cheaper than the original controller

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