A New PS5 Handheld is REAL! Project Q is coming…

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Project Q
Sony has officially confirmed it’s working on a PlayStation handheld to make it easier to play your PS5 games. It was announced at Wednesday’s PlayStation Showcase and is called Project Q.

Take a sneak peek at new accessories revealed at today’s Showcase — the Project Q device for playing games installed on your PS5 and streamed over WiFi, plus our first official wireless earbuds offering lossless audio on PS5 and PC.

More details to come in the months ahead.
— PlayStation (@PlayStation) May 24, 2023
“We will launch a dedicated device that enables you to stream any game from your PS5 console using Remote Play over Wi-Fi,” PlayStation boss Jim Ryan said during the PlayStation Showcase. “Internally known as ‘Project Q,’ it has an 8-inch HD screen and all of the buttons and features of the DualSense wireless controller.”

More specifically, it’ll have an LCD screen running games at up to 1080p and 60fps over Wi-Fi, according to a Sony press release, and will feature both the adaptive triggers and haptic feedback of the DualSense. The Q handheld is set to launch later this year, though Sony didn’t say exactly when or how much the new device might cost.

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This Post Has 30 Comments

  1. how is this Q thing portable? Looks like it will break in half while in my backpack or the carrying case will not be very portable friendly…

  2. HellGameLP

    Nothing beats the psp or vita. This is trash. Handheld are made for travel and outdoor gaming. Not to stay at home and be connected to WiFi to play. Worthless

  3. So it does what a pc (steam) has been doing for years 😂
    I can do it on my phone and use a PS controller

  4. Tequila

    Thank you sony but i rather play on my FCK 4K HDR TV

  5. Amber

    We can already stream ganes fron ps5 this soooo useless lol

  6. I’m not gonna buy this lol 😂 I need a separate game console this lame

  7. Daniel Williams

    That fact it has to stream over wifi ruins a lot of its potential. I hate streaming over wifi. The Wii U wasn't a great console, but at least the handheld screen had a direct wireless connection to the console that wasn't at the mercy of your internet speed.

  8. Dennis Kersten

    You did not mention streaming directly from Playstation servers without using your ps5 at home. I think after the whole activision Microsoft deal sony will support that service.

  9. Jonas Gustafsson

    Price and remote play lag and input lag is the main thing that will decide it for me.
    Sitting next to my PS5 on my computer (all connected via cable to the router) still have a big lag (mostly input) lagwhen using remote play.
    Using WIFI on my phone for example is horrendous. I would only use a it if it was a true handheld ad where wifi is not an option. This won't sell well I think and won't be in any way comparable to a Switch. Sad, Sony needs a good "offline" handheld to really improve the PS5 experience.

  10. Dave S

    I am not sure about this or Spiderman

  11. Mar Wil

    I've tried remote play and it wasn't smooth the number of FPS was very low

  12. Lucas Poole

    TRASHHH need to be connected to ps5 what a Scam buy this and a PS5 or dont play FAIL!! Its an expensive linking device this is complete garbage sony you suck. Bigg W for Switches! Super Expensive PS5 Controller basically

  13. Carl Harrison

    If the price is right and it'll connect via sim data, then Im all in as the controller is perfect, haptics hopefully as well.

  14. One Two

    This thing is literally pointless.
    I guess i can use it when im on the crapper.
    Other than that, I'd rather play using my big screen.

  15. Kevin Otto

    You wanna tell me they couldn't just make a proper handheld the tech is there look at the Nintendo switch, sony should be able to do better

  16. Ken Sh1r0

    So you need a PS5 and your own ps5 games to play this hand held streaming service device…Questions Why? What is the point of playing the games you already have. Will they be playing in 4k or will we have frame rate drops wi-fi connection problems can you go anywhere and play this held hand. What's the battery life gonna be like? This seems like sony has learned nothing and doesn't listen to fans we want a ps vita two without having to buy a PS5 without all this extra costs doesn't Sony remember were in a cost of living crisis in the UK anyway thanks to the EU's Revenge, Putin and the Ukraine holding all the wheat my point this PS5 streaming service better play like a PS5 have mad options we have never seen before etc etc😂

  17. OGkush69

    Sony show was a disappointment. Only good game was spiderman 2 😂 XBOX WINN

  18. Ashler

    Its crazy that in 2023, A DECADE after the WiiU showed everyone how its done (ironic, right) in terms of off-screen play and low latency, that companies still fucking announce remote play devices using normal wi-fi protocols. No-one will ever connect this to their PS5 outside of their house, you have all other devices that already do that. Just fucking release a low latency remote play device that can play PS5 games in your house like the WiiU did.

  19. Jeff Eisenhauer

    The much cheaper and smarter option would be buying a controller bracket for your cell phone. The problem is they think people that spent $500 want to spend more money on a handheld that can't play games natively. I don't know about other folks but I'm not going to buy yet another device just to use remote play when I have a several already. Clearly it was too difficult to come up with a device that was similar to the Switch and Deck.

  20. Cavie Anvel

    Am I the only one that has issues with PS Remote? I get random lag all the time with it.

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