Sony ZV-1M2 Review: Does Anyone Still “Vlog”?

Review of the Sony ZV-1M2 camera. Discussing vlogging performance, rolling shutter, dynamic range, ergonomics, and stabilization.

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Table of Contents:
0:00 – Intro & Disclosure
0:17 – Build & Features
1:45 – Dynamic Range
1:54 – Battery & Overheating
2:15 – Audio
2:31 – Rolling Shutter
3:02 – Stabilization
3:30 – Vlog Test
9:01 – Final Thoughts

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This Post Has 37 Comments

  1. Dmitry G

    I personally hate shooting on a phone even for b-rolls, because:
    1) i have no phone while shooting
    2) getting files out of there is a pain in the butt
    3) it drains battery
    4) spending money on cages and stuff to make it mountable is ridicolous

    However I have no idea who needs a camera like that, honestly.

  2. Chaelaz

    Go Pro across the board has better specs, and has for some time. Sony seems to be resting on their laurels and just repurposing stuff with little to no innovation or progress. To me, their base level cameras need to support 10bit, include OIS or solid IBIS, shoot 4k60p no crop, and get an upgraded LCD display finally. No reason those are not included in entry level cameras. I mean, I LOVE someone finally included built in ND, but that should be standard on every camera too. Anyway, ughhh…hopefully something actually new and industry moving will come out again soon. Sony just seems to have lost the script, like having those first few Marvel movie successes, then spinning off a template of actiongasm effects pR0n with little to no real story. How about building a new sensor line with increased dynamic range, no rolling shutter, and support for high resolutions. I am sure there are many technical hurdles, but anything forward would be awesome.

  3. Rubin Lopez

    I just want a small camera that I can press record and it looks good. Till then it’s a full frame or the osmo action 2

  4. Melad Kareme

    Gerald: does anyone still "vlog"?
    Camera Conspiracies next video: Gerald am i joke to you?

  5. Felipe Vece

    Is there any chance sony release a FX30 Photo version?

  6. one of your worst reviews honstly, this ZV1 m2 is a very bad upgrade to the ZV1! worst lens reach, slower aperture and no optical image stabilization! on the other hand it doesn't offer 10 bit, nor 4k 60fps even though it is a stacked sensor! and to add insult to injury, they selling it 900$! was expecting you to be more harsh on them.

  7. Molly Fitz Brown

    I still vlog lol I appreciate the test 🙂 I live in Florida and do on the go videos, usually at Disney World or the beach, so I love having the best quality from something small and light weight. I've been using the zv1f just because of lens width and it's been working out great (much better quality than my iPhone 14 pro) but I'll upgrade from the zv1f to this for sure! I have an a7iv with 20mm 1.8 but its too heavy for my on the go stuff.

  8. Scott Maclean

    Has Kasey from Camera Conspiracies been blacklisted by YouTube content creators? I no longer see his comments on channels like this nor any references to him…

  9. Whisky

    Great review, i still miss 4k/60, but also GPS Positions in the Images and Videos like older Cameras had.

  10. Rock WILK

    Honestly, I think all things considered, if you’re just vlogging like this, any phone is a better way to go. I agree with you, why not just get something like an FX 30? Much better value. I wouldn’t spend a penny on a camera like this. 🙂 It’s a disposable item. Headed nowhere. The image is fine, it sounds OK, and so if you’re cool with something that is maxed out when you buy it, then I guess it’s cool. But otherwise, I really don’t understand why anybody would buy one of these type cameras.

  11. bardofhighrenown

    I don't know of or watch anyone that "vlogs", maybe you'd have to check in on travel youtube to see if they still do it. It's really the only genre of youtube that still makes sense for vlogging. But I think you're right in that Sony is using the word "vlog" to mean amateur content creator

  12. I don’t consider vlogging to be the walk-n-talk style anymore.

    Btw: I hate phones. Have you ever tried fitting phones into a video workflow, it straight up sucks.

  13. Technobby

    With my ZV-1 mount with Neewer wide angle lense, I got roughly the same focal lense with ZV-1ii which is 18mm-52.5mm but with f1.8-2.8 instead of f4 with newer markii though compromise the size.

  14. Don Caluga

    I don't know. Seems like my midrange Android phone can serve better for "vlogging", even my DJI Action 2 or any other phone or action camera with good enough image quality and microphone conection. If you want perfect stabilization there are cheap gimbals for phones and cameras. If you really want a camera, then an interchangeable lens one is another thing, a ZV-E10, Z30, R50, with a small wide lens could serve you better and offer more possibilities. But i think is better to use a phone or an action camera if "vlog" is the only use.

  15. Anna Travels

    I still see people vlog all the time. I guess it depends on what type of content you watch. I know a lot of people use their phones, I ended up with the Sony zv-1f instead of the zv1 because it was cheaper and honestly don't mind it.

  16. Wally626v_M

    One v-blogger I watched used the RX100 line but rejected the ZV-1 due to the mic being front only. He mostly stands behind the camera. This version fixes that, but he is big enough now to have a cameraman, so mute now.

  17. VALLEY

    i think that Sonys idea of vlogging is a video focused point and shoot camera. so it is basically like "every other" point and shoot but its a bit better for video than those cheaper ones

  18. Coach VCtennis

    Casey from Camera Conspiracies still vlogs…his breakdown of specs is only rivaled by GuD… he loves how there is no more super slow mo… I think he finally will say he found the perfect camera with this one…

  19. Sane

    Stabilization work much better on higher shutter speeds in my eyes.

  20. Don At Large

    Really like how Gerald sticks to facts. Very tired of plethora video talkers, who will call a turd with a lens, a perfect camera so they can get more views.

  21. Anders Burlin

    How are anyone buying these crappy Sony-cameras? Are anyone buying these?

  22. CRTY

    So I actually am uniquely qualified to answer: “who even vlogs anymore?” It’s people on TikTok! It’s just what you said, people are taking their cameras and doing street interviews, some people want to separate their phone from their content storage, and a small camera like this that folds up tiny makes perfect Sense with all of Sony’s easy to use features. I also see people attaching a ZV-1 to their main camera all the time to capture vertical content, and that’s a huge market for this as a “V Cam” rather than a B or C cam. That’s a shame about the ND, but at least it has one.
    This release means hopefully we can get a new ZV-E10 with the FX-30 sensor because that would finally compete with the Canon R50!!!!

  23. I love my ZV-1's and still use them for the occasional vlog. My A7sIII is way too big and heavy at times. If vlogging, I place it atop a Crane M3 and use a Comica quad wireless with lav for sound. Also the Neewer wide angle lens. Great video, as alway, thanks!

  24. Andrew Saraceni

    My iPhone 14 Pro shoots 4K 60fps, 10-bit video, handles a variety of codecs/options (including ProRes RAW) and has pretty solid OIS all things considered. As a Sony fan, I was really hoping for something that at least started to resemble and include the video specs we've seen out of their more modern bodies for the past three years, more than a few basic software enhancements… This misses the mark.

  25. I vlog as part of my channel content. The ZV series is amazing for my work flow and field environment. Channel is HVACTIME. I am running a ZVE1 & ZV1F. I traded my A7iv for the ZVE1. Been beyond worth it.

  26. The answer to this is…film in 50p or 60p, don’t have to disregard shutter angle

  27. Gaston Shutters

    No 10 bit, no lens OS, no S Cinetone, f4 at 50mm, no Ai AF, is a complete skip for me and most likely for anyone with a ZV1 M1. Great detailed review Gerald.

  28. Derrick -

    Would love to see how you white balance these point and shoot cams when youre out and about, not necessarily expecting to record

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