Sony's new PS5 hardware revealed!

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Did your games expire?

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Expired Games:
Sony was having some problems with PlayStation Plus games this week. Commenters in forum posts on Reddit, ResetEra and NeoGAF reported various users being alerted to a notification, reading, “The game will expire in 15 minutes,” and then booting them to the PlayStation home screen. Engadget’s Kris Holt also ran into the issue Wednesday evening while playing Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart . However, as of Friday, Sony appears to have fixed the issue.
Users experiencing the glitch said it appeared to happen with any game in the PS Plus catalog. Fortunately, you could still return to the game from the home screen and quickly continue playing. However, the cycle would repeat in regular 15-minute (and possibly other) increments.
It isn’t yet clear how widespread the issue was. (Even before PlayStation stepped in, some users in the Reddit post claimed they were playing PS Plus games without seeing the alert.) Additionally, the bug didn’t have any known fixes, leaving us to wait for PlayStation to step in. We reached out to the company for comment, but it appears to have fixed the issue without publicly acknowledging it.

PC Games:
I guess it’s gonna be a while until we see a Steam page for Horizon Forbidden West. In a chat with Famitsu (spotted by TheGamer and machine translated), PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has reaffirmed Sony’s commitment to keeping its exclusives off of PC until PlayStation fans have had their day with them.
Sony “fully understand[s] the importance of PS5 exclusive titles,” Ryan told Famitsu, saying that “PlayStation Studios’ main responsibility is to have people enjoy the game experience using the latest PlayStation”. To that effect, Ryan said Sony is committed to (excuse the awkwardness of the machine translation) “increasing the number of PS5-exclusive titles and staggering the release of the PC version”.
How long will those PC versions be staggered, you ask? Well, Ryan didn’t give a firm timespan exactly, but he did mention that discussions with PlayStation fans suggest that “selling the PC version two or three years after the release of the PS version is accepted favorably”. So don’t go thinking Sony is gonna start picking up the pace of its PC releases just because The Last of Us Part 1 came out on PC a mere six-ish months after it hit PS5. Given the state of that port, though, maybe that’s for the best.
Ryan hasn’t dropped a bombshell here. Hermen Hulst was saying all the way back in October last year that PC players would be waiting “at least a year” for Sony exclusives to hit PC, and it’s not exactly a surprise that the company that makes the PlayStation is prioritising PlayStation players. But it is confirmation that Sony thinks its current years-long PS/PC release cadence is working just fine, thank you very much, and we shouldn’t expect changes anytime soon.

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