Sony’s new PS5 Upgrade! The end of an era!

I want the Pulse Explore I think.

01:03 – PlayStation Domination
05:17 – What next
08:34 – Less PS5 Games Coming
11:32 – New Hardware

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  1. Reverence Blade

    It maybe bigger than ever but the consoles and controllers are crapper than ever with hundreds over heating and breaking already I've had to replace the liquid metal with hundreds of videos on YouTube about them breaking down also on my third controller because they break easy.

  2. P3xyz

    I want an accessory for the ps5 controller that give back buttons for it. I want a pro controller but not wanting to spend 200$ for one. And they did it with the ps4. Just hope they bring one of those at some point.

  3. Porcuguy

    I get the live service games. Producers want you to dedicate your life to a single game ans milk it for all they can.

    Also, didn't Bungie make Halo? So is Halo going to be moved to Sony consoles?

  4. myron genus

    You about to shoot your hat off taking youd glass off. And besides shouldn’t you be hunting wabbits. Everybody just busting your balls in here. Keep up the good work.

  5. B

    I’m hoping the edge goes on sale , I got stick drift in my white one that came with ps5

  6. Vinny


  7. rhetoricmonkey

    Hopefully they feel the folks like myself letting PS Plus lapse as a result of the price increase. I prefer not having to pay a toll to play with my friends. PS Plus is nothing more than a toll booth for the only feature I care for.

  8. zach C

    I watched tronixfix clean a ps5 controller. It works so well to clean the white one. Isporpic alcohol small amount and it works just fine.

  9. zach C

    I still don't know why people love the digital so much. You can save $10 to $20 on a used physical game. Add that up to 10 games. You saved $100-$200.

  10. The thing is, these games used to come out like crazy… The N64 put a weird damper on that. They only had one game released a month… We need an outpouring of games every month again, so that we get so many games, we get flooded as players and games pass us up, so that there are plenty of games to catch up on later.😊

  11. XeroCool

    I'm getting a PS5 finally this week cause I've been waiting for the slim to come out since I heard that they were coming with swappable disc drives. Mainly because I used my disc drive maybe 8 times in all the time I had it and it crapped out on me. So having a swappable disc drive I can replace should something happen was a big plus for me. I was originally holding out for a PRO model, but im gonna get a slim for now and then get a Pro when it releases cause TBH I don't want to wait anymore to play some games. TBH I'm gonna upgrade my Mile Morales and beat that before getting into Spiderman 2 too

  12. MythicGamingMK

    The PS5 Slim is a great console but im keeping my current PS5 until the PS6 im not getting the slim or Pro unless my PS5 breaks but if it does not then im keeping my PS5 until the PS6 then i will upgrade. The current PS5 will still be popular when the PS6 and PS5 Pro are out. Even when the PS5 Pro comes out the current PS5 and slim will still get updates and games I will upgrade when the PS6 comes out

  13. martini668

    When are they bringing a back button attachment for the controller

  14. RT Team Koltz330

    Im sorry but ray just dont look like the kind of guy to dance like that at the beginning lol no offence

  15. RedmoonXD

    Biggest issue with digital only is if you lose access to your account, you lose all your games
    Or once the servers shut down for said console is fucked and just an expensive paperweight

  16. emmanuel newman

    It's because PS5 is more stable the ram doesn't throttle and we have a huge amount of exclusives and more exclusive constantly coming.

  17. Gamestop pro memeber here for a long time, physical copies are goat, trade-ins for games you don't like or when new games come out, store credit, if they did stuff like they for digital it wouldn't to big of a problem aside from just having that disc in hand

  18. DLC

    The grip on consumers will only get tighter.
    Greed controls earth.

  19. Origins master

    Confused as to why you would put a controller with the word “Pulse” all in bold if the pulse is the earbuds.

  20. Stanley Roark

    Disk can be cheaper in the long run. ppl buy then beat and only want 15-20 bucks a few months later. digital i like because i hate switching disk. my ps5 is about half and half. my switch is same. if Nintendo would put stuff on sale digitally id have more digital.

  21. JugOnBlast

    11:49 controllers have consistently been on sale around this time for the last few years. It's the ONLY time to get a new controller!! Only time to get PS Plus, also. I hope that goes on sale this year considering that recent price hike.

  22. The fact that there trying so hard to push digital. Is not it for me playstation need to get they heads outta they you know what. 💯

  23. john Reeves

    If you already have a ps5 unless you need multiple for fam members it's waist of money to buy the new one. Not much of a diff and new doesn't always mean better for all we know could be new problems

  24. Nate Willis

    Lots of X-Box memorabilia in the background I see 🤔

  25. Hopefully, they fix stick drift. It's really bad. 3 for 3 on controllers being nearly unusable at 1 year.

  26. JB

    I think it's unfair that ps5 slim gets released in America first it should release everywhere at the same time😡🤬🤬🤬

  27. xxnike0629xx

    I'm not surprised there's so many live service games being worked on. It's where the money is for these developers; pretty much like 'freemium' mobile games.

    Getting a replacement controller or 2 is always a good idea. Controllers are the ones that get used the most over the console's lifespan. I wonder if the Dual Sense Edge is on sale along with those analog replacement parts.

  28. Jason Lyon

    As a ps5 owner this channel is just a ps mouth piece (ps5 is good the haptic feedback on the controller is amazing) there’s like 1 good game on ps5 you can’t get any that fully utilised the leap in tech from the ps4 . The problem is ps thinking they are apple when they are far from it, they are so anti consumer contacting is a with any issue is a tedious process. They are trying to sell the idea of digital only so they can still charge £60 a game even 5 years after release. There is no games coming in the near future that are ps only even looking at the upcoming gaming season is boring, and the game past is laughable. And the so called upcoming 12 games over a year isn’t crazy and most are probably remake. Don’t listen to there videos 😂 . I am literally about to get Xbox x as well hopefully there’s something worth playing there . Still keeping ps5 hope it gets better but highly doubtful

  29. Mopantsu

    Peter Parker is Spider Man. Miles Morales is Miles Morales. They keep ruining games with woke nonsense.

  30. __

    5 million copys is not that much, Cyberpunk DLC phantom liberty sold 3 mil in its first week

  31. midengineZ06

    Physical Media/Game all day
    The Problem is when ever they loose the rights to the MEDIA then its was never your in the first place
    Read that long Fine Print when ever you buy

  32. Paramurasaki

    He remember Scream from the cartoon… What age are you xDDD

  33. Anthony Martinez

    Saying too many games is like staying they are giving us too many choices. Nobody plays everything. Different games appeal to different players. I for one am glad the 2 of you aren't in charge of decision making. It's claer you know nothing about buisness. I am sure you think we have too many choices in cars and the grocery store. Buy a new controler because you don't want to clean the one you have? That says alot about your hygiene. Kinda of gross. I would hate to see your kitchens.

  34. Frank Allen

    Not wasting my data cap on games or streaming anything. I need my data for you tube

  35. Frank Allen

    Had my ps5 for a year and I still haven't set it up. But I put together my 4090 rig and haven't touched it since I built it. Once I get what I want I no longer care about it

  36. Beezer

    Jesus Christ, spoiler warnings please.

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