SoundPEATS Air3 Deluxe HS – These are AMAZING for UNDER $50

Learn More about Air3 Deluxe HS:
US Amazon – $34.99:
UK Amazon – £32.49:
DE Amazon – €37.39:

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  1. Thovi

    does it charge with USB-C?

  2. Dr JMun

    These appear to be excellent and for the price they're even better. The usual great review.

  3. DrJones694

    There are 2 soundpeats deluxe models I found out
    The regular deluxe have AptX and Qcc3040
    The deluxe HS has LDAC and that's it if your phone supports it

  4. Mac of Drones

    Great video best in class reviews 👌🏽 you already know can't wait for the focal bathy vs. Master and dynamic mw75 review. It will be a great day! If not then it's not the end game. Happy holidays.

  5. Zelda

    We need a video on status audio between pros !!! they have a triple driver apparently?!?!?!?

  6. Deivi Josue

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone, have a good one ❤️

  7. Underground

    I saw these listed on Amazon only this week, currently own their Air 2's and they've been brilliant but wanted an upgrade. Thanks Flossy, great timing on this one

  8. Cool_hcp1

    I bought other soundpeats from your last review Floss and i bought my mum a pair too. Time to upgrade! Thanks for the review!!


    The singing part is my fav part as always! 😝😜

  10. “Anger Levels Increasing,,,,Frustrating Building,,,,Activating BeastMode Sequence…” Gone whisper this in my girls ear courtesy of you Floss #Salute 🫡😂😂😂✊🏽

  11. Above3Beyond123

    I need to know which is better in for gym these or soundcore liberty 3 pro ?? Both for sale at good prices I can't complain !

  12. MrVegas

    Finally good to see the feature set and app showing up in less expensive ear buds.

  13. MountainView

    Hey Floss. Maybe it's time for an updated top 10 earbuds for SPORTS?

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