SPACE NEEDLE Fireworks NYE – Drone Video

Amazing fireworks display at the Seattle Space Needle on New Year’s Eve captured by a drone. I flew 390 feet high directly above Key Arena to capture the footage. You can see downtown Seattle in the background. The space needle is 605 feet tall. The Space Needle is an icon in Seattle and was built in the Seattle Center for the 1962 World’s Fair. I filmed the fireworks using the DJI Phantom 3 Standard drone.

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Featured on CBS This Morning (all 3 seconds of it!):


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  1. Paul Laak

    Great video, but I would rather hear the fireworks.

  2. Patricio Elosua

    Great video! As a tip, I think the video would have been a bit nicer (not saying it's not nice), you should try to enable the feature that allows for gimbal movement up to 30º above the normal position and at the same time disable the front arm LED's, this way you could have captured the fireworks that were higher than your frame. That's just a constructive comment, don't take it on a bad way. You won yourself a subscriber, hope to see more videos soon! Please check out my channel and if you like my footage on the fireworks maybe subscribe back? Cheers from Mexico.

  3. RnKProductionsCo

    nice dude! I have a Chroma 4k that I want to start doing some aerial stuff. catch any flake from people or officials om your flights? I've only tried mine out in really unpopulated places. just got my drone registered with the FAA today.

  4. RnKProductionsCo

    I'm in the Seattle area too, maybe we can drone up sometime and get some epic shots

  5. nick newman

    Wow awesome video! Im looking at getting the Phantom 3 standard as well. I hope I can get footage like this.

  6. Not looking forward to this fourth of July with no money and nobody to enjoy it with. Its going to be boring sitting at home incapacitated and delirious from my medication from a recent injury.


    Kevin. Great video! What did you have the setting on the camera set on to record this? I have the p3 advanced , and I'm not getting Near a good as brightness as you are. Thanks Brian.

  8. j rourke

    Great video up until you panned down during the finally

  9. N GW

    Excellent! Thank You!

  10. Featheredfork

    Horrible music, but hey it matches the Horrible city. So good job.

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