SSD vs HDD – Which One Should You Choose? [Gaming/Boot Time/Speed]

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So what should you buy – an SSD or HDD?

The real answer here is that it depends, but on what?

Keep watching to find out the answer!

0:00 Intro
0:49 Speed
1:16 Longevity
1:45 Durability
2:06 Capacity
2:56 Noise
3:27 The Final Verdict
4:36 Outro


This Post Has 46 Comments

  1. Ryan J.

    Now this video is massively out of date XD

  2. Zidos

    bullshit. my pc with a 1TB hardrive died in 2 years

  3. Vegetto19

    Is it worth considering SSD + HDD for gaming PC?

  4. Yakuza-Menace

    SSD for your OS and game downloads and an HDD for the saved game data.

  5. iLight

    Install OS and Other Softwares in SSD then Games in HDD

  6. Evil Jigglypuff

    So I just got a 500gb ssd to replace the hdd on my 2012 macbook pro (Hopefully for video editing). Would an external hdd be a wise bet then?

  7. Tayler Nordenger

    I use a 100gb external HDD exclusively for emulators and it works like a champ.

  8. Matt Hunkee

    that wheel joke was really hard to hear…………….fucking terrible

  9. Ryan

    2021 full ssd build not that expensive

  10. Monstermeyhem

    I just did a new build with a 2tb hdd. It affects loading times not fps.

  11. Echo Echo

    i still have my 500gb HDD from roughly 13 years ago and it still works smoothly, but that's probably because i use it purely for permanent (or not, but that was my intention) storage–like, once I've filled it with files that's it. I copy from it but I never wrote on it again.

  12. TheSlayer1335

    Ive been using my 10T hhd for 7years now any my 5T ssd for 2 years

  13. Mazen

    goddamn underrated channels

  14. Krista Jean

    I feel like this analysis was lacking. You did nothing to convince me that either one is better. But you did a good job breaking down the differences.

  15. Pro at mope

    i like mechanical hard drives better to be honest.

  16. E5KY

    ssd is better in my opinion because it goes faster.

  17. 500gig ain’t enough for games lol war zone 150 gig red dead 2 150 gig lol she must be playing habbo hotel 🤣

  18. Nigel Wyeth

    Windows Longhorn aka Windows Vista had a great hard drive but with small storage space The hard drive in it lasted almost a couple of decades and still works to this day

  19. Ref Tu

    Finally a voice of the reason. Yes ssd is faster period. But will it even matter if you're not a gamer? Because I honestly don't think so.
    Let's be honest if you're not a type of person who needs constant fast reads or writes, i.e, gamer or video editor etc, you won't notice significant difference once the application goes to RAM. For me, the only time ssd shows any boost in speed is cold bootup and opening apps after a startup as I work with 3d apps and browsing.
    Ssd is a good option to have if you're looking for a new drive, that's for sure. Just don't get swayed by those overhyped ssd lovers on internet claiming 'everything is better with ssd', because that HEAVILY depends on what you do with your computer.

  20. _ArMaNdO

    My HDD broke within a month, ssd's are better

  21. Leonardo Lima

    Noob question. Can I have a game installed in a ssd and then download addons and mods to the hdd?

  22. pbee73

    I just built a brand new computer for audio recording. I went with all SSDs…. 1TB for the OS and apps, 2TB for my data and a 500GB for the audio. Pretty happy with the system so far.

  23. Reason4Grieving

    Ok so what data are u talking about for HDD, pictures and stuff? I’m gonna need a lot more than 500gb for my game storage

  24. Hard drives are so stinking slow and loud as fuck. Hearing the stupid thing click and the fan spin is extremely annoying, SSDs bring peace and speed. I don't need to store hundreds of GBs of shit so my 1TB HDD is basically useless, heck even 128GB would be overkill. I used to do everything and play my games on a 8GB tablet, no storage issues at all. Hard drives just have an unnecessary amount of storage space

  25. Konstantine

    I use 128GB Internal SSD, 1TB External HDD and 4-core processor 3.2 GHz

  26. waiting for the SHDD also known as Super Hard Disk Drive. combining all advantages of both of them. still not invented, yet. but someday

  27. Macintosh99

    I choose both. HDD for all the backups, SSD for shiz i use daily.

  28. Dushan Petrovich

    You told me what I already knew since I switched to SSD for my OS and software that I use while making me dumber watching this video of yours. 😂

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