Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’ and the year of disappointing PC ports

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  1. Immunogoblin

    I upgraded my system at the beginning of the year and due to all the terrible ports I keep feeling i did something wrong even though I know we're just getting bad port after bad port. my system isn't high end but i'm certain i should be able to hit 60fps 1440p consistently in these games.

  2. GG27

    Played this game day one on xbox series x. Never experienced any issues.

  3. Styrianboy

    Honestly, stop getting computer engineers to offer video comments. This dude makes the Pope sound like Metallica. You need someone with more cowbell.

  4. Rahul Agrawal

    It feels less and less useful to play latest games. Pc players should only play a game after 2 years of bug fixes and heavy discount. On that point, Control is amazing and its last dlc is 1-2 years old

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  6. Chris Beauchamp

    Every time I cave and buy an EA game I regret it….. it’s a shame as Jedi Survivor is a great game but just not in good enough shape for AAA title

  7. philipp594

    Jedi Fallen order was and is also a lagfest. It's just the crunch at EA. They don't bother optimizing games. Most companies don't we have 10x the processing power and the games don't look much better and run worse than in 2010.

  8. Joe Campbell

    Stop giving EA money, and the entire industry will improve.

  9. oleost

    Wish there was a console equivalent for high end pc gamers.

    Like buying PS5/XSX now you know that many upcoming games will run at 30fps with RT enabled.

    It should be a 1000$ pro version right from the start which promised 60fps/120fps gameplay as minimum.

  10. Trey

    We're in the times of the gaming dark ages

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